Set out on a journey through the beating heart of Paris, where Montmartre stands as a canvas painted with tales of romance and artistry. The private historical 2-hour walking tour unveils the hidden gems of this bohemian sanctuary, leading travelers through a tapestry of stories and iconic sites.

As the cobblestones whisper echoes of the past, visitors are drawn into a world where creativity knows no bounds. But what secrets lie beneath the surface of this captivating district?

Key Points

  • Personalized and immersive 2-hour walking tour in Montmartre
  • Visit iconic landmarks like Eros Museum, Moulin Rouge, and Sacred Heart Basilica
  • Insightful exploration of Impressionist and Belle Époque art
  • Guided by knowledgeable and highly praised tour guides, including Claudia

Tour Details

When embarking on the Montmartre & Sacré Coeur Walking Tour in Paris, visitors can expect a two-hour immersive experience filled with art, history, and the enchanting district of love.

The detailed itinerary includes a visit to the Eros Museum, Moulin Rouge, and culminates at the Basilica of the Sacred Heart, offering insights into Impressionist and Belle Époque artists.

This private tour/activity is available in English and two other languages, ensuring a personalized experience. Plus, guests are required to adhere to Covid restrictions by bringing a mask or shield for the group participation-only excursion.

The tour guarantees the lowest price and provides mobile tickets for convenience. For those seeking a cultural exploration in Montmartre, this tour with language options promises a memorable journey through Paris’s artistic heart.

Tour Highlights

Enjoy the vibrant district of Montmartre on this captivating walking tour, exploring iconic sites like the Eros Museum, Moulin Rouge, and culminating at the Basilica of the Sacred Heart.

This tour offers a romantic exploration of the area known for its artistic landmarks, providing insights into the world of Impressionist and Belle Époque artists. Discover the rich history and creative spirit of Montmartre as you stroll through its charming streets and hidden gems.

From the bohemian atmosphere to the stunning views of Paris, this experience is sure to enchant all art enthusiasts and history lovers alike. Join this private tour for a personalized journey through one of the most picturesque and culturally significant neighborhoods in Paris.

Cancellation Policy

Explore the cancellation policy for the Montmartre & Sacré Coeur walking tour to understand the guidelines in place for potential changes or cancellations. When considering the possibility of canceling your tour due to unforeseen circumstances, it’s important to take into account the following:

  1. Refund Policy:

    • The tour is non-refundable if canceled.
    • Changes to the booking are non-refundable and unchangeable.
    • Refunds may be available in specific cases; please refer to the detailed cancellation policy for more information.
  2. Weather Conditions:

    • This experience is weather-dependent.
    • Options are available for cancellation due to poor weather.
    • Details on how weather-related cancellations are handled can be found in the tour guidelines.

Reviews and Testimonials

Explore the reviews and testimonials to gain insights into the experiences of travelers who’ve embarked on the Montmartre & Sacré Coeur walking tour. With a total review count of 20 and an impressive overall rating of 5.0, it’s evident that customers have had exceptional experiences.

The reviews highlight fabulous guides who provide insightful commentary on Montmartre, the district of love and art. Customers express their satisfaction with the personalized and informative nature of the tour. Positive comments mention the brilliant walk through Montmartre, the customized private tour experience, and the amazing guide Claudia.

These reviews showcase the high level of customer satisfaction and the expertise of the tour guides in making the tour a memorable and enriching experience.

Customer Experiences

Set out on a journey through the eyes of travelers who’ve participated in the Montmartre & Sacré Coeur walking tour, gaining firsthand insights into their memorable experiences.

Customer Experiences:

  1. Fabulous Insights:
    Visitors rave about the fabulous Italian guide who offers in-depth knowledge about the area’s history and culture.

  2. Local Recommendations:
    Travelers appreciate the local recommendations provided during the tour, guiding them to hidden gems and authentic experiences in Montmartre.

  3. Personalized Tours:
    Many guests highlight the customized nature of the private tour, tailored to their interests and pace, making it a truly unique and unforgettable experience.

These firsthand encounters offer a glimpse into the charm and allure of exploring Montmartre and Sacré Coeur with experienced guides who bring the history and beauty of the area to life.

Common questions

Are There Any Age Restrictions for This Walking Tour?

Age restrictions do not apply to this walking tour. Accessibility accommodations are available upon request. Enjoy a personalized 2-hour journey through Montmartre with a knowledgeable guide, including highlights like the Eros Museum and the Basilica of the Sacred Heart.

Is Transportation to and From the Meeting Point Included in the Tour Price?

Transportation to and from the meeting point is not included in the tour price. Participants are responsible for their own logistics. The meeting point’s accessibility will vary, so it’s advisable to plan accordingly for a smooth experience.

Can the Tour Accommodate Individuals With Mobility Issues or Disabilities?

Accessibility accommodations are available for individuals with mobility issues or disabilities. The tour ensures inclusivity by providing support and assistance as needed. Disability considerations are taken seriously to ensure a memorable and comfortable experience for all participants.

Are Food and Drinks Included in the Tour or Should We Bring Our Own?

Food and drinks are not included in the tour. However, visitors can enjoy picnic options showcasing local cuisine at various spots in Montmartre. Bringing along some tasty treats to savor during the tour can enhance the experience.

Will There Be Opportunities for Restroom Breaks During the 2-Hour Walking Tour?

Restroom breaks are provided during the tour. Participants are guided to designated facilities along the route. The guide ensures smooth transitions for restroom etiquette. Comfort and convenience are prioritized to enhance the overall experience of the 2-hour walking tour.

Final Words

Experience the magic of Montmartre and Sacré Coeur on a private historical walking tour in Paris. Enjoy the district of love and art, explore iconic landmarks, and gain insight into the rich artistic heritage of the area.

With knowledgeable guides and a focus on personalized experiences, this tour offers a unique and intimate exploration of one of Paris’ most enchanting neighborhoods. Create lasting memories and discover the beauty of Montmartre like a local.

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