Hey there and welcome to The Swish Life, a lifestyle blog for those who are looking to upgrade their lives in any way at all. First thing is first, an introduction to who I am, why I created this blog and what I am hoping to achieve through it.

My name is Carlton, I am millennial who wants to take control of my own destiny and carve out a fabulous life for myself. My first job was as an airline attendant, a job which I did for almost 6 years. Whilst the job was great, I became more and more frustrated at watching others jet off on dream vacations, whilst I would be jumping on another plane upon arrival, to start my shift again.

I knew that I had to change and so I saved up as much money as I possible could and finally put enough together for a 3 month tour around India and Pakistan. During this trip, it really dawned on me that we only get one shot at this life, so why not make it as spectacular as possible, with this in mind, The Swish Life was born.

Impressive. Smart. Adventurous.

These three words above are what I allow to define me and in every aspect of my life I look to include them. Impressive refers to both what I want to see in this world, and how I want to act in order to inspire others to grab life with two hands. Being smart is something we all should look to do, not book-smart per se but having worldly knowledge and cultural knowledge because we know how to open our eyes and our minds. Finally adventurous, because what good is a life if you constantly stay in your comfort zone, failing to take risks, and refusing to ever give things a go?

My dream for this blog is to inspire others to take their chance that they have been given with this life, to help people realize their dreams, to educate as much as I am able to, and as a creative outlet for me to tell the world what I am up to.

Thank you for joining me, I look forward to going on this journey with you… let’s make it Impressive. Smart and Adventurous.

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