Set out on a voyage that promises to paint a canvas of unforgettable memories with the ‘Mykonos: Delos and Rhenia Islands Cruise With BBQ Meal’. The gentle lull of the waves will carry you across the shimmering Aegean Sea as you set out on a journey filled with ancient wonders and sun-kissed shores.

But what hidden gems await explorers on this exclusive cruise, and how does the BBQ meal enhance this maritime adventure? The answer lies in the blend of history and relaxation that awaits those who choose to set sail on this Mykonos escapade.

Key Points

Mykonos: Delos and Rhenia Islands Cruise With BBQ Meal - Key Points

  • Enjoy a scenic boat cruise around Mykonos and visit the archaeological site of Delos.
  • Swim and snorkel at the beautiful beaches of Rhenia Island.
  • Indulge in a traditional Greek BBQ lunch onboard the cruise.
  • Benefit from convenient inclusions like drinks, snorkeling gear, towels, and sunscreen.

Tour Details

Mykonos: Delos and Rhenia Islands Cruise With BBQ Meal - Tour Details

Embarking on the Mykonos Islands cruise offers travelers a unique opportunity to explore the stunning landscapes and rich cultural heritage of the Greek islands while enjoying various amenities onboard.

The tour benefits include saving up to 15%, with prices ranging from Kč 3,129 to Kč 2,660 per person for a 6-hour excursion. Visitors can indulge in a delectable BBQ lunch featuring local cuisine, along with complimentary drinks, snorkeling gear, towels, and sunscreen.

The experience also offers the convenience of pickup from accommodations in Mykonos, with options for private group tours and free cancellation up to 24 hours in advance. Travelers can savor traditional Greek flavors while soaking in the beauty of the islands during this immersive cruise experience.


Mykonos: Delos and Rhenia Islands Cruise With BBQ Meal - Itinerary

The cruise itinerary includes a captivating boat journey around Mykonos Island, providing guests with drinks and breathtaking scenic views. Here are some key features of the itinerary:

  1. Exploration Options:

    • Guided tour of Delos with free time for personal exploration.
    • Swimming and snorkeling opportunities at Rhenia Island’s pristine beaches.
  2. Dining Experiences:

    • Enjoy a delicious BBQ lunch onboard the cruise.
    • Drinks and snacks available throughout the journey.

This itinerary offers a perfect blend of exploration and dining experiences, allowing guests to enjoy the beauty of the Greek islands while indulging in delightful meals. Whether you prefer to uncover historical treasures or relax on sandy shores, this cruise caters to a variety of interests.


Mykonos: Delos and Rhenia Islands Cruise With BBQ Meal - Highlights

As guests revel in the exploration and dining experiences of the cruise itinerary, the upcoming discussion now shifts to the captivating ‘Highlights’ of this Mykonos Islands adventure.

The tour offers breathtaking scenic views as guests sail around Mykonos Island, providing a unique perspective of this beautiful destination.

A visit to the Delos archaeological area allows for a deep dive into history, with guided tours and optional activities to enhance the experience.

The opportunity to swim at the deserted beaches of Rhenia Island is a true delight, perfect for those seeking tranquility and crystal-clear waters.

Plus, guests can indulge in a traditional Greek BBQ onboard, savoring the flavors of local cuisine while relaxing and enjoying the stunning sea views.

Additional Services

Mykonos: Delos and Rhenia Islands Cruise With BBQ Meal - Additional Services

Guests can enhance their Mykonos Islands cruise experience by opting for additional services such as a guided tour of Delos or hotel pickup and drop-off for added convenience. These services provide a deeper exploration of the islands and ensure a hassle-free journey.

Here are four additional services to consider:

  1. Guided Tour of Delos: Enjoy the rich history and archaeology of Delos with an expert guide leading the way.

  2. Hotel Pickup and Drop-Off: Enjoy door-to-door service with convenient transfers to and from your accommodation in Mykonos.

  3. Optional Transfer Services: Customize your transportation needs for a seamless travel experience.

  4. Optional Delos Archaeological Site Entry Ticket: Enhance your visit to Delos with entry to additional archaeological sites for a comprehensive experience.

Important Information

Mykonos: Delos and Rhenia Islands Cruise With BBQ Meal - Important Information

Considering the enriching experiences offered by the additional services, travelers embarking on the Mykonos Islands cruise are advised to take note of some essential information before setting sail on their adventure.

When preparing for the cruise, it’s crucial to remember to pack your passport or ID for the trip. Plus, comfortable clothes and beachwear are recommended for a relaxed and enjoyable experience.

For those opting for roundtrip pickup/drop-off, there’s a charge of 20 euros per person, while a guided tour can be arranged for 40 euros per person. Providing a valid phone number for communication purposes is also necessary.

The cruise will take place on either the Gulet 89ft or 72ft, depending on the prevailing conditions, with a barefoot policy in place for safety and hygiene.

Customer Reviews

Mykonos: Delos and Rhenia Islands Cruise With BBQ Meal - Customer Reviews

Upon reviewing the cruise experience, travelers can gain valuable insights from the diverse range of customer reviews, offering an overall rating of 4.8/5 based on 653 reviews.

  1. Service Quality: Customers consistently praise the attentive and friendly staff, ensuring a memorable and enjoyable experience.

  2. Customer Satisfaction: The majority of reviews highlight high levels of satisfaction with the overall cruise, from the itinerary to the onboard amenities.

  3. Personalized Attention: Many guests appreciate the personalized service and attention to detail provided throughout the journey.

  4. Recommendation Rates: A significant number of reviewers express their intent to recommend this cruise to others, emphasizing the exceptional service quality and customer satisfaction.


Mykonos: Delos and Rhenia Islands Cruise With BBQ Meal - Directions

Navigating the stunning Mykonos Islands Cruise experience is made seamless with detailed directions and helpful guidance for travelers seeking an unforgettable adventure on the crystal-clear waters of the Aegean Sea. To reach the embarkation point for this unforgettable journey, visitors can follow these directions:

From Mykonos Town From Ornos Beach From Platis Gialos Beach
Head towards Old Port Drive east for 2.5km Drive northeast for 3km
Look for white cruise ship Spot the dock with sailboats Look for the large catamaran
Check-in at the booth Check-in at the beach kiosk Check-in at the beach kiosk

Once aboard, guests can savor the local cuisine and uncover hidden gems along the cruise route.

Common questions

Mykonos: Delos and Rhenia Islands Cruise With BBQ Meal - Common questions

What Is the Best Time of Year to Take the Mykonos Cruise to Delos and Rhenia Islands?

The best season to enjoy the Mykonos cruise to Delos and Rhenia Islands is during the warm and sunny months of late spring to early fall. This time offers ideal weather for sightseeing and engaging in various activities.

Are There Vegetarian or Vegan Options Available for the BBQ Lunch Onboard?

Vegetarian options and vegan alternatives are available for the BBQ lunch onboard, catering to various dietary restrictions. Meal accommodations ensure all guests can enjoy the experience. Special requests can be made to meet specific needs.

Can Children Participate in the Guided Tour of Delos Archaeological Area?

Children can participate in the Delos guided tour, offering historical significance and engaging activities suitable for families. The tour provides a unique educational experience while exploring the archaeological area, making it child-friendly and enriching.

Is There a Restroom Available on the Boat for the Duration of the Cruise?

Restroom availability on the boat for the duration of the cruise is ensured. Boat amenities include this essential facility to provide comfort and convenience to guests throughout the journey, ensuring a pleasant experience for all.

Are There Any Age Restrictions for Participating in the Swimming and Snorkeling Activities at Rhenia Island?

Age restrictions do apply for the snorkeling experience at Rhenia Island to ensure safety. Participants should meet the specified age requirements. Enjoy the crystal-clear waters and underwater beauty with peace of mind.

Final Words

Mykonos: Delos and Rhenia Islands Cruise With BBQ Meal - Final Words

Embark on the Mykonos: Delos and Rhenia Islands Cruise with BBQ Meal for an unforgettable journey through the stunning waters of Mykonos.

With a perfect blend of adventure, relaxation, and delicious food, this six-hour excursion promises a memorable experience for all travelers.

Don’t miss out on the opportunity to save up to 15% on this exceptional tour, catering to couples, families, solo travelers, and groups of friends.

Book now and learn about the beauty of Mykonos!

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