The fact that New York is such as busy and hectic city is something which often puts many off visiting the Big Apple. The truth is however that it is this very chaos that is one of the biggest reasons why New York should be on your list of places to travel to. There is a certain calm amongst the madness and this is a city which offers so much to tourists. If you are in any doubt whether or not this is for you, here are 10 reasons to visit New York.


This is one of the most famous cities on Earth and there are so many symbols of the city which have grown iconic status. The yellow cabs, the Manhattan skyline, the bridges over the Hudson river, you can see them all wen you visit.


The home of theater and musicals, a street with over 30 theaters which offer some of the best live entertainment you are likely to see. A Broadway show is a very special event and well worth going to, find cheap tickets online such as Ain’t Too Proud tickets for less than you’ll find them anywhere else, bag your tickets and enjoy the show.


From he Statue of Liberty to the Empire State Building, Wall Street to walking over the Brooklyn Bridge, this is a city packed with activities and adventures which are just waiting for you to enjoy.


New York offers some of the world’s finest art galleries such as the Guggenheim, as well as famous museums like the Air, Sea and Space museum. There are also smaller, more niche museums dotted all throughout the city which you can enjoy.


New York has attracted people from all over the world who now live in this city and they have all brought with them a little slice of their culture which has contributed towards the rich tapestry of life in New York. Each corner you turn in New York will introduce to a different way of life and it is this which makes this city so special.


As a result of the culture collisions which have happened here in New York there is an incredible array of different foods for you to try. Sample the famous New York slice of pizza, enjoy Korean, Chinese and Indonesian cuisine in Chinatown, eat Caribbean food in Queens and enjoy so many more styles of food which the city offers. New York also has some of the world’s finest restaurants for those who want to sample some true fine dining.


From iconic scenes in movies to lyrics in our favorite pop songs, New York has a history which has lived through these artistic mediums. Walk down the Bleeker Street made famous by Simon and Garfunkel, stand on Wall Street where the film of the same name was shot, visit the Friends apartment and coffee shop and check out some of the famous venues like the Apollo which has played host to some of the greatest names in music.

What more reason could you possibly need?