If you’re thinking of converting your van into a camper, there are certain features you’ll need to include. To give you a clearer idea of what’s involved, here are five of the most important things to incorporate in your revamped motor.

  1. High quality windows

No campervan is complete without some windows in the cabin. This helps to alleviate the feeling of claustrophobia and make your van appear much more welcoming and spacious. Make sure you go for good quality windows. Specialist retailers such as Van Demon offer van conversion windows that are ‘E’ stamped, meaning they comply with all the relevant safety requirements. For ease of fitting, look out for designs that are pre-formed to match the curvature of your van and that can be bonded directly to the bodywork. If you’re after greater privacy than regular windows provide, consider getting tinted versions. These solutions also have the added benefit of keeping you cooler in summer.

  1. Hard-wearing interior panels

To make your van more user-friendly and to protect vulnerable areas such as sliding door foot wells, you should install some interior panels. It’s a good idea to go for hard-wearing yet lightweight plastic designs. As well as making your camper more robust, these panels will generally enhance the inside of your van.

  1. Trimming and insulation

To create a finished look and feel inside your cabin, fit trimming and insulation. For example, you might want to include some self-adhesive foil backed foam insulation to the walls, roof and floors. This is quick and easy to install and it helps to make your van quieter and cosier. Some van lining carpet will also come in handy. It’s now easy to find van linings that can be moulded to even the most awkward areas, including around wheel arches. Think carefully about colour when you’re choosing your carpet. If you want a low-maintenance finish that conceals dirty marks, it’s best to go for a dark colour like black.

  1. Roof rack

It can be tricky to fit everything you want to take with you on your adventures into your cabin. So, why not give yourself some welcome extra storage space by fitting a roof rack? They’re ideal for housing roof boxes or camping and leisure equipment, meaning they can free up more space inside your van. When you’re choosing your roof rack or roof bars, look out for models with a sleek, low profile that minimises drag and wind noise.

  1. Blackout curtains or thermal screens

To help you control light and temperature levels in your cabin, make sure you have blackout curtains or thermal screens. These window accessories mean you can shut yourself off from the outside world when you’re sleeping or you simply want some privacy. You can also use these curtains or screens to block out sunlight, keeping the temperature down during the warmer months. They’ll help you to keep your cabin warm during the winter too.

From kitchen equipment and storage units to a sleeping area, there are plenty of other elements you’ll need to include in your camper. However, the five features mentioned above should get you off to a good start when you’re planning your van conversion.