How Will “Fight for $15” Affect Your Small Business?

State laws regulate minimum wage. For example, in California, the minimum wage is $10 an hour. In April 2016, California governor Jerry Brown signed legislation that will raise the state’s minimum wage to $15 an hour by 2022. In state’s like North Carolina, the minimum wage requirement is set at $7.25 an hour. In March 2016, North Carolina passed a bill that abolished the state’s municipalities rights to set the minimum wage in their jurisdictions. Before the bill passed, local governments were able to set their own wages. Not anymore.  Continue Reading

Get the Right Boost from Natural Supplements for Energy

Are you feeling tired all of the time? You, along with millions of other people today, are running yourself ragged with all that you are trying to do each day. From the moment you wake up in the morning until the time you go to bed at night you are constantly on the go. Between work, family and personal commitments of your time there just is never enough time in a day to get everything done. Continue Reading

Lighting a Spa

Lighting Your Bathroom Like a Spa

If a bathroom feels unclean, cluttered or messy, it’s tough to get down to business, isn’t it? The bathroom because an anxious space if it’s not designed well or taken care of. We’re left worrying that someone is going to try coming in without knocking or we’re afraid we’ll catch something from the hand towel after we use it to try our hands—and this is just in our own bathrooms! There must be a way to make our bathrooms feel good, and there is. Do you enjoy a good spa day?

Well you’re in luck. Every day can be a spa day when you follow these bathroom decorating tips!

Tip 1: Ensnare the Senses

What is the first thing you notice when you walk into a spa? The delightfully aromatic scents of nature. HGTV suggests that to get the full spa experience at home, you must start with finding your own aromatherapy blend. Smell triggers memory, and if smells of cucumber and eucalyptus remind you of a time when you felt tranquil and serene, you may have just found your bath time scent mix. Combine this with the warm water, and you have yourself your very own oasis.

Tip 2: Bring in Warm Lighting

Bathroom lighting is often too bright and feels sterilizing. How can you enjoy a soak in the tub if it seems like you’re about to be pulled up by a gravitational force into the mother ship? By installing a dimmer switch, you can turn those obnoxiously bright overhead lights into a calming beam of warm, soft light. Elle Decor adds that if you can’t install a dimmer, simply bring in some small shaded lamps and candles and ignore turning on the overhead light altogether.

Tip 3: Decorate with Reflective Surfaces

If you place your lit candles and small lamps on a mirrored or silver tray, the light will reflect off of its surface and bounce along the walls and ceiling, creating tiny lighting dancers that will make the space feel magical and alive. Couple this with the warm bubbles of the bath and your aromatherapy blend, and you have a night of welcome pleasure before you.

Tip 4: Go Green

The accents you find most often in a bathroom are built of chrome, ceramic and tile. Wouldn’t it be nice if we added some other things in there, like a live plant? House plants clean the air, focus your energy and just plain look good. Consider adorning your bath with bamboo, an orchid or Boston fern, you won’t be disappointed.

Tip 5: Fluffy Linens

When you get out of the shower and wrap yourself in a threadbare towel, you wonder to yourself why you attempt to dry off at all. It’s depressing. And how many times are you willing to slip when you get out of the shower because you don’t have a bath mat. You shower and use your bathroom every day, so why wouldn’t you invest in some luxuriously soft bath towels and accessories?

Tip 6: Multi-functional Storage

When you’re soaking in the bath, you’re not going to want to accidentally knock over the soap and razor into the water. With storage solutions like a shower caddy, corner shelf or bathroom étagère, you can hide all of the odds and ends and just kick back and relax.

Tip 7: Paint in Warm, Natural Hues

A bathroom done up in blue or green can feel outmoded and cold. A palette of yellows, oranges and reds with wooden accents tucked here and there will make the place feel inviting and personal. A bathroom doesn’t have to be austere, remember that.

Creating a cozy space for bathing and relaxation doesn’t have to be complicated. Just follow the tips above and you’ll have a spa-like space in no time!



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