There are a dizzying array of choices when buying kitchen taps, which is why it is best to first focus on what kind of tap you actually need, before you start looking. Taps may seem like a small detail in such a big space, but they do actually contribute a great deal to the overall style of the space. They are also the most used accessory in the kitchen, meaning that choosing the correct one is even more importing. However, working out this combination of function and style can be tricky, so here is what you should be considering when choosing the right tap.

Function of Kitchen Tapware

It makes sense to start by considering how you will be using the kitchen tap. For example, thinking about how much you cook and whether or not you’d like a detachable nozzle for cleaning off fruits and veggies. Alternatively, perhaps a double basin sink is preferred which will most likely mean that a moveable kitchen mixer tap will be required. Once you have considered the practicality of your tap, it is then time to focus on how it looks.

Getting The Right Finish

Kitchen tapware comes in a range of finishes and colours, and this is the next consideration to make. Much of this will come down to the theme and the style which you want for your kitchen. For example country-style kitchens look great with antique brass taps hovering over a large basin sink. Whereas those looking for a modern minimalist theme would do well to look into sleek chrome finishes instead.

Size of Your Tap

Oversized kitchen taps are very much in fashion right now, with large curved spouts making quite the statement in the kitchen. Size will come down to a few different factors such as what sink you have, how big the kitchen is and what ergonomics the sink area offers. For example, if you have an awkward shaped sink area, then you will need a tap which is flexible enough to fit in well.

Where To Mount Your Tap

Not all kitchen tapware is mounted directly on the sink, in many cases people will look to have their taps coming directly out from the wall. This latter option saves space and usually offers a far sleeker design. It may be worthwhile considering which option best suits you, before looking for tap options.

Risks To Consider When Buying Kitchen Taps

There are some watch outs when buying kitchen taps, mainly regarding the pressure of your water. For instance, a large spout may not perform well if you have low water pressure in the kitchen. Alternatively, you may find that high pressure can cause some taps to leak, especially if they are mounted on the sink rather than the wall. It is worth bearing water pressure in mind and speaking to the team at the store before you buy.

Remember it is always recommended to focus on function first and then style when seeking to buy new kitchen tapware. This will ensure that you obtain the best possible product for your living space.