Step into the clandestine world of ‘Sip History in a Secret Speakeasy Cocktail Class‘ and uncover the hidden tales of the Prohibition era through the art of mixology. Led by the illustrious mixologist Tommy Alchemy in the charming city of Charleston, guests are invited to partake in an immersive experience like no other. Craft bespoke cocktails, savor each sip, and unravel the secrets behind the concoctions that once graced the speakeasies of the past. This exclusive class promises an evening of intrigue, flavor, and a journey through time that will leave attendees with a newfound appreciation for the history behind their favorite libations.

Event Details

Sip History in a Secret Speakeasy Cocktail Class - Event Details

Enjoy an unforgettable cocktail-making experience at the Secret Speakeasy Cocktail Class led by renowned mixologist Tommy Alchemy. This event offers interactive learning and a hands-on experience where participants get behind the bar to craft their own cocktails.

Dive into the history of the prohibition era while sipping on three delicious cocktails and enjoying snacks in a speakeasy ambiance. Located in Charleston, this two-hour class allows guests to not only make their own drinks but also gain insights into the art of mixology.

With Tommy Alchemy as the instructor, known for hosting over 3000 guests and garnering 1500 five-star reviews, this class promises an educational and engaging experience for cocktail enthusiasts.

Host Information

Sip History in a Secret Speakeasy Cocktail Class - Host Information

Tommy Alchemy, the esteemed mixologist renowned for hosting over 3000 guests and accumulating 1500 five-star reviews, leads the captivating Secret Speakeasy Cocktail Class where participants explore the art of mixology and craft their own signature cocktails.

Tommy Alchemy, a master of mixology techniques, brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to the class, ensuring that each participant gains valuable insights into the world of cocktail making. With his expert guidance, participants learn the secrets behind creating perfectly balanced and flavorful drinks, mastering classic recipes while also exploring innovative combinations.

Tommy Alchemy’s passion for mixology shines through as he shares his expertise and encourages participants to unleash their creativity behind the bar, making each cocktail-making experience truly memorable.

Experience Highlights

Sip History in a Secret Speakeasy Cocktail Class - Experience Highlights

Delving into the world of mixology, participants in the Secret Speakeasy Cocktail Class get hands-on experience crafting their own signature cocktails under the expert guidance of Tommy Alchemy. This interactive learning opportunity allows attendees to step behind the bar, mix ingredients, and shake up some fun while learning about prohibition-era history.

The class offers a unique and educational experience, where guests not only make their own cocktails but also gain insights into the art of mixology. Located in Charleston, this experience is a perfect blend of entertainment and knowledge, ensuring that each participant leaves with newfound mixology skills and a deeper appreciation for the craft.

Get set for a memorable evening of mixology fun at this exclusive speakeasy class.


Sip History in a Secret Speakeasy Cocktail Class - Inclusions

Guests participating in the Secret Speakeasy Cocktail Class can look forward to enjoying three cocktails, snacks, and access to essential bar tools.

This experience goes beyond just tasting drinks; it offers interactive participation, allowing guests to get hands-on behind the bar and craft their own cocktails.

As they sip their drinks, they’ll also explore Prohibition era insights, learning about the fascinating history behind the cocktails they’re enjoying.


Sip History in a Secret Speakeasy Cocktail Class - Restrictions

Curious about who can participate in the Secret Speakeasy Cocktail Class?

To comply with Prohibition laws and ensure a safe environment, this experience is exclusively available for individuals aged 21 and older. This age restriction is in place due to the nature of the event, where you will be engaging with alcoholic beverages and learning about the history of prohibition.

It’s important for attendees to provide a valid ID card as proof of age before joining the class.

Customer Reviews

Sip History in a Secret Speakeasy Cocktail Class - Customer Reviews

Peering into the feedback provided by customers offers valuable insights into the Secret Speakeasy Cocktail Class experience. Customers rave about the engaging interactions and high level of customer satisfaction that the class provides. Here is a snapshot of some of the reviews:

Reviewer Rating Comment
Megan 5 Engaging interactions with knowledgeable staff. Highly recommended.
Alex 4 Fun and informative class. Great cocktails!
Emily 5 Loved the historical insights and the hands-on cocktail making.

These reviews highlight the positive experiences customers have had, emphasizing the interactive nature of the class and the overall satisfaction with their time at the Secret Speakeasy Cocktail Class.


Sip History in a Secret Speakeasy Cocktail Class - Directions

Navigating your way to the engaging Secret Speakeasy Cocktail Class is a breeze once you locate Alchemix, a speakeasy distinguished by a discreet doorbell on the corner. This hidden entrance adds a touch of mystery to the experience, setting the tone for the clandestine cocktail adventure that awaits inside.

When attending the class, remember to bring a valid ID card as an ID requirement for entry. This is a standard procedure to ensure that all participants meet the minimum age requirement of 21 years old. Rest assured, if you prefer non-alcoholic options, they’re available to cater to every guest’s preferences.

With these simple directions and requirements in mind, you’re all set to step into the world of Secret Speakeasy Cocktail Class at Alchemix.

Common questions

Sip History in a Secret Speakeasy Cocktail Class - Common questions

Can I Bring My Own Alcohol to the Cocktail Class?

Guests cannot bring their own alcohol to the cocktail class. The event has specific guidelines regarding the BYOB policy and alcohol restrictions. It’s essential for participants to adhere to these rules to ensure a smooth and enjoyable experience.

Is There a Dress Code for the Speakeasy Experience?

For the speakeasy experience, there is a semi-formal dress code. Dive into the themed cocktails and immerse in the secretive atmosphere. Enjoy the unique vibe with a touch of vintage charm while savoring the history-filled journey.

Are There Vegetarian or Vegan Options for Snacks?

Plant-based options are available for those with dietary restrictions. Guests can enjoy vegetarian and vegan snacks during the cocktail class. These options cater to diverse dietary needs, ensuring everyone can savor the experience.

Can I Purchase Additional Cocktails During the Class?

Yes, guests can purchase additional cocktails during the class to suit their drink preferences. The class atmosphere encourages active participation and enjoyment, providing the opportunity for guests to explore various cocktail options beyond the included selection.

Is There Parking Available Near the Speakeasy Location?

Street parking is available near the speakeasy location. Guests can also opt for valet services. Public transportation and ride-sharing options are convenient for those who prefer not to drive. Enjoy the class hassle-free!

Final Words

Sip History in a Secret Speakeasy Cocktail Class - Final Words

Don’t miss out on the chance to sip on history and elevate your mixology skills with the ‘Sip History in a Secret Speakeasy Cocktail Class‘ led by mixologist Tommy Alchemy.

This unique experience offers a blend of delicious cocktails, snack, and valuable insights into the art of crafting flavorful drinks.

Join this exclusive class in Charleston to learn about the allure of the prohibition era and take your mixology skills to the next level.

Cheers to a memorable experience!

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