Set out on a full-day adventure through the rolling hills and vineyards of Paso Robles on a meticulously crafted winery tour accompanied by a delightful picnic experience. Imagine savoring hand-picked wines, soaking in panoramic views, and relishing in a gourmet picnic spread under the California sun. This journey promises a blend of sophistication and tranquility, making it an ideal escape for wine enthusiasts and leisure seekers alike. But what truly sets this tour apart lies in the intricate details and surprises awaiting at each stop, ensuring an unforgettable exploration of Paso Robles’ wine culture.

Tour Details

Paso Robles Full-Day Winery Tour With Picnic - Tour Details

Set out on a full-day Paso Robles winery tour with a delightful picnic, offering a taste of the region’s finest wines and picturesque vineyards. This tour, priced from Kč 2,537 per person, spans 5 hours and includes visits to 3 wineries with a possibility of a 4th, a delicious lunch, transportation, live tour guide, and convenient pickup and drop-off.

Participants can enjoy a guided exploration of Paso Robles wine country, sampling unique wines at each stop. The tour provides a deli-style picnic lunch with 7 options, transportation in a deluxe vehicle with a knowledgeable driver/host, and the opportunity to purchase wine flights at the wineries. Pickup is available from select Paso Robles and Atascadero hotels, ensuring a seamless and enjoyable experience.

Experience Highlights

Paso Robles Full-Day Winery Tour With Picnic - Experience Highlights

Explore an immersive journey through Paso Robles wine country, where you’ll discover a tapestry of unique wineries and tasting experiences waiting to be explored.

Experience Highlights Description
Guided Tours Knowledgeable guides lead you through the best wineries Paso Robles has to offer.
Wine Tastings Enjoy sampling a variety of wines at each winery, with options to purchase flights.
Scenic Vineyard Views Enjoy the stunning landscapes of Paso Robles wine country.
Unique Tasting Experiences Each winery offers its own special touch, from traditional tastings to unique pairings.

Deli-style Picnic Lunch

Paso Robles Full-Day Winery Tour With Picnic - Deli-style Picnic Lunch

Indulge in a delightful deli-style picnic lunch during the Paso Robles winery tour, where a variety of delicious options await to complement your wine tasting experience. The picnic lunch is a perfect interlude between wine tastings, offering a chance to relax and savor the flavors of the region. Here are three reasons why the deli-style picnic is a highlight of this tour:

  1. Customizable Selection: Choose from a range of fresh bread, cheeses, meats, salads, and condiments to create your perfect picnic spread.

  2. Scenic Setting: Enjoy your lunch surrounded by the picturesque vineyards and rolling hills of Paso Robles, enhancing the overall ambiance of the experience.

  3. Pairing Perfection: The picnic options are carefully curated to pair harmoniously with the wines you’ll be tasting throughout the day.

Winery Selections

Paso Robles Full-Day Winery Tour With Picnic - Winery Selections

As guests enjoy their deli-style picnic lunch amidst the scenic vineyards of Paso Robles, anticipation builds for the diverse and unique winery selections awaiting them on this immersive tour.

The tour offers visits to renowned wineries like Castoro Cellars, Croad Vineyards, Derby Wine Estates, Eberle Winery, and Glunz Family Winery, among others. Each winery on the itinerary presents a distinct array of wines and tasting experiences, showcasing the rich viticultural tapestry of Paso Robles.

From bold reds to crisp whites, guests can savor an assortment of varietals crafted with passion and expertise. With a hand-crafted itinerary by Grapeline, participants can look forward to a day filled with wine discoveries and memorable moments in the heart of California wine country.

Inclusions and Amenities

Guests on the Paso Robles winery tour with picnic can look forward to a seamless experience filled with convenient inclusions and luxurious amenities. The tour not only offers a delightful exploration of the region’s wineries but also ensures a comfortable and enjoyable journey for all participants.

Here are some of the key inclusions and amenities to anticipate:

  1. Pickup and drop-off: Convenient transportation to and from select hotels for a stress-free experience.
  2. Hand-crafted itinerary by Grapeline: Expertly planned schedule to maximize your enjoyment and exploration.
  3. Gratuities included: A thoughtful touch to enhance your overall experience without any extra hassle.

Prepare for a day of relaxation, indulgence, and discovery on this all-inclusive Paso Robles winery tour with a delightful picnic.

Important Information

For participants embarking on the Paso Robles winery tour with picnic, it’s important to note specific guidelines and requirements to ensure a smooth and enjoyable experience throughout the day.

To participate, individuals must be 21 years or older and carry a valid ID. It’s essential to select a lunch option at the time of booking. Plus, guests are advised to bring a passport or ID card for verification purposes.

Please note that pets aren’t permitted on the tour, except for assistance dogs. Non-folding wheelchairs are also not allowed due to space constraints in the transportation vehicle.

Booking Requirements

To secure a spot on the Paso Robles winery tour with picnic, participants need to make a reservation in advance. Booking requirements for this delightful experience include:

  1. Advance Reservation: Ensure availability by booking ahead of time.

  2. Lunch Selection: Participants must choose their lunch option at the time of booking.

  3. Payment: Be prepared to pay the tour fee per person to confirm the reservation.

What to Bring

When preparing for the Paso Robles winery tour with picnic, it’s recommended to ensure you bring essential items for a comfortable and enjoyable experience.

Be sure to pack a valid ID or passport, as participants must be 21 years or older to join the tour. It’s important to have your lunch selection ready at the time of booking to ensure a smooth experience.

While pets aren’t allowed except for assistance dogs, feel free to bring your enthusiasm for wine tasting and exploration. Consider bringing a camera to capture the picturesque vineyards and memorable moments.

With these items in tow, you’ll be well-prepared to savor the delights of Paso Robles wine country on this full-day tour with a delightful picnic.

Common questions

Can I Join the Tour if I’m Not Staying in Paso Robles or Atascadero Hotels?

If not staying at Paso Robles or Atascadero hotels, participants can’t be picked up for the full-day winery tour. Alternative arrangements may be possible—contact the tour provider for assistance and customized solutions.

Are Children Allowed on the Winery Tour With Adults?

Children are not permitted on the winery tour. Participants must be 21 years or older with a valid ID. This restriction ensures a wine-focused experience for adults. The tour offers a guided exploration of Paso Robles wine country, featuring visits to multiple wineries.

Is There a Restroom Available on the Transportation Vehicle?

Yes, there is a restroom available on the transportation vehicle. It ensures convenience and comfort during the full-day winery tour, allowing guests to relax and enjoy the experience without worrying about restroom breaks.

Can I Purchase Additional Wine Bottles to Take Home?

Yes, participants can purchase additional wine bottles to take home during the full-day Paso Robles winery tour. This allows guests to bring a piece of their favorite winery experience back with them to enjoy later.

Are There Non-Alcoholic Beverage Options Available During the Tour?

During the tour, participants can request non-alcoholic beverage options alongside wine tastings. Choices may include water, soda, or other soft drinks depending on the winery visited. This ensures all guests can enjoy the experience.

Final Words

Experience the best of Paso Robles wine country with a full-day winery tour and picnic. Indulge in guided tastings at 3 renowned wineries, with the option for a 4th stop.

Enjoy a delicious deli-style picnic lunch amidst scenic vineyard views. With luxury amenities and seamless transportation provided by Grapeline, this all-inclusive tour offers the perfect blend of relaxation and wine exploration.

Book now for an unforgettable experience in Paso Robles!

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