Set out on a tantalizing journey through London’s luxurious Kensington Palace Gardens, where a royal high tea experience awaits. Stroll through the regal grounds, bask in the beauty of the Sunken Garden, and savor delectable treats in the Orangery.

But what hidden historical treasures and royal secrets lie within the palace’s walls? Join this sophisticated adventure to uncover the opulent past and experience a taste of British nobility.

Key Points

London: Visit Kensington Palace Gardens With Royal High Tea - Key Points

  • Explore Kensington Palace Gardens and learn about royal family history.
  • Enjoy traditional British high tea in the Orangery.
  • See the new Princess Diana statue and the Sunken Garden.
  • Experience a guided tour with high tea, transportation, and palace entry included.

Tour Details

London: Visit Kensington Palace Gardens With Royal High Tea - Tour Details

Embark on an unforgettable journey with the Kensington Palace Gardens tour, where guests can indulge in a royal high tea experience amidst the historic beauty of the palace grounds.

This tour delves into the rich royal history while treating visitors to a delightful spread of traditional British cuisine. From delectable sandwiches to mouth-watering cakes and scones, accompanied by tea or coffee and an optional glass of sparkling wine, guests are guaranteed a regal culinary experience.

As visitors explore the palace parks and the Sunken Garden, they’ll also have the opportunity to learn about the fascinating history of the royal family.

This two-hour adventure promises to be a treat for the senses, blending history, culture, and delicious food in a picturesque setting.


London: Visit Kensington Palace Gardens With Royal High Tea - Itinerary

Explore the enchanting itinerary of the Kensington Palace Gardens tour, which includes a guided walk through the palace grounds, a visit to the Sunken Garden, and concludes with a royal high tea experience at the Orangery. Dive into royal history as you stroll through the meticulously maintained gardens, filled with vibrant flowers and historical significance. The Sunken Garden, a tranquil oasis, offers a moment of respite and reflection amidst the grandeur of the palace. Finally, indulge in an afternoon delight with traditional British high tea at the Orangery, where you can savor delicious sandwiches, cakes, and scones fit for royalty. This itinerary promises a perfect blend of exploration, relaxation, and royal elegance.

Activity Description Highlight
Guided Walk Explore palace grounds Historical Majesty
Visit to Sunken Garden Tranquil oasis for reflection Natural Beauty
Royal High Tea Indulge in traditional British high tea Culinary Delights


London: Visit Kensington Palace Gardens With Royal High Tea - Highlights

Enjoy the regal ambiance of Kensington Palace Gardens through a journey of discovery and indulgence. Explore the rich royal history and British tradition as you uncover the following highlights:

  1. Kensington Palace Gardens Exploration: Wander through the enchanting gardens that have witnessed centuries of royal events and gatherings.

  2. Insights into Royal Family History: Explore the fascinating stories and legacies of the British royal family, gaining a deeper understanding of their lives and traditions.

  3. Traditional British High Tea: Indulge in a quintessentially British experience with a delectable spread of sandwiches, cakes, scones, and your choice of tea or coffee.

  4. New Princess Diana Statue: Witness the newly unveiled Princess Diana statue, a poignant tribute to the beloved royal figure, adding to the historical charm of the surroundings.


London: Visit Kensington Palace Gardens With Royal High Tea - Reviews

With a hint of excitement tingling in the air, visitors eagerly anticipate the unveiling of each new review, eager to uncover the essence of their potential adventure at Kensington Palace Gardens. Customer feedback highlights an enjoyable experience overall, with guests noting the informative and skilled guides who added depth to the tour experience. Tom was praised for his insights, Simon for his expertise, and Doug for making the walk entertaining. Review ratings reflect positively on the guide, value for money, service, and organization, culminating in an impressive overall rating of 4.6/5. These reviews give prospective visitors a glimpse into the engaging and informative journey that awaits them at the historic Kensington Palace Gardens.

Aspects Ratings Comments
Guide 4.8/5 Informative and engaging
Value for Money 4.3/5 Reasonably priced experience
Service 5/5 Exceptional service throughout the tour

Important Information

London: Visit Kensington Palace Gardens With Royal High Tea - Important Information

Step into the world of Kensington Palace Gardens with all the necessary preparations in tow for an unforgettable royal high tea experience.

  • What to bring:

    1. Comfortable shoes for walking the palace grounds.
    2. An umbrella in case of unexpected showers.
    3. A camera to capture the beauty of the gardens.
    4. Weather-appropriate clothing for a pleasant outing.
  • What not allowed:

  • Luggage or large bags are prohibited during the tour.


London: Visit Kensington Palace Gardens With Royal High Tea - Directions

Nestled within the historical beauty of Kensington Palace Gardens awaits a guided adventure brimming with royal heritage and high tea indulgence. Participants embarking on this royal journey should come prepared with navigational tips to fully enjoy the experience. Here are some essential directions to ensure a seamless exploration:

Navigational Tips Historical Insights
Wear comfortable shoes Immerse in the royal family history
Bring an umbrella Explore the Sunken Garden with its rich past
Pack a camera Discover the Orangery’s historical significance

These simple tips will guide visitors through the majestic Kensington Palace Gardens, offering glimpses into the past while savoring the present through high tea fit for royalty.

Additional Tips

London: Visit Kensington Palace Gardens With Royal High Tea - Additional Tips

Set out on a journey enriched with insider tips to elevate your exploration of Kensington Palace Gardens’ royal allure.

  1. Royal Etiquette: Remember to curtsy or bow to any royal family members you encounter during your visit.

  2. Tea Etiquette: When enjoying high tea, hold your teacup by the handle, and stir gently without clinking against the cup’s sides.

  3. Dress Code: Opt for smart casual attire to blend in with the elegant surroundings of Kensington Palace Gardens.

  4. Photography: Capture the beauty of the gardens but be respectful of other visitors by avoiding intrusive photography.

These tips won’t only enhance your experience but also showcase your appreciation for the royal heritage and traditions.

Common questions

London: Visit Kensington Palace Gardens With Royal High Tea - Common questions

Can Guests Explore Kensington Palace on Their Own After the Guided Tour?

Guests cannot engage in self-guided exploration of Kensington Palace after the guided tour. Photography policies may restrict taking pictures inside. The tour offers a comprehensive experience within scheduled activities, ensuring guests make the most of their time.

Are There Any Restrictions on Photography During the Tour?

During the tour, guests can capture memories with photos, but there are restrictions in certain areas. After the guided walk and royal high tea, visitors can’t explore Kensington Palace independently. It’s an adventure filled with history and elegance.

Is There a Dress Code for the High Tea at the Orangery?

There is a fashion etiquette to follow for the high tea at the orangery. Guests should adhere to traditional tea etiquette and dress requirements, reflecting afternoon tea traditions. This adds an extra touch of elegance to the royal experience.

Are There Any Special Dietary Options Available for the High Tea?

Special dietary options are available for high tea at the Orangery in Kensington Palace Gardens. Vegan and gluten-free choices are offered, as well as dairy-free alternatives for those with nut allergies. Guests can enjoy a delightful high tea experience.

Can Guests Purchase Souvenirs at Kensington Palace?

Guests can explore a variety of royal-themed memorabilia options at the Kensington Palace gift shop. From elegant souvenirs to historical keepsakes, visitors can find unique treasures to remember their royal high tea experience.

Final Words

London: Visit Kensington Palace Gardens With Royal High Tea - Final Words

Set out on a royal adventure at Kensington Palace Gardens and indulge in a luxurious high tea fit for a king or queen. Enjoy the history and elegance of British royalty as you explore the palace grounds and enjoy a delightful afternoon tea in the Orangery.

With glowing reviews and top ratings, this tour promises a memorable experience filled with culture, history, and the charm of London’s royal heritage. Don’t miss out on this regal experience!

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