If you don’t have a solid understanding of stocks and shares and you are looking to get involved with some investments in this field, it can be a worrying and confusing time for you. Some people simply grasp these markets very quickly whereas others need to really invest a lot of time in leaning about this area of the financial world, prior to investing their cash.

There are many things in life which you will learn more about through experience and whilst the same can be said for stocks and shares, it is a dangerous game to enter into if you aren’t sure what you are doing, because your money will be at stake. A great way therefore to get first hand knowledge of this industry prior to putting your money down, is to use a Wall Street simulator, and here is exactly why.

What is the Simulator?

You can find many of these simulators online which operate by giving you a balance to play with, usually around $100,000. You will then invest in the companies which you think will increase in share price, and then sell when you are happy to cash in, or to get out. What is great about these simulators is that the prices are real prices, that move up and down as they do in real life, the money however, will of course be virtual.


There are a great many strategies which you can employ when you invest in stocks and shares. Some people like to play the long game when waiting for a profit and others like to get in and out whilst turning a quick profit, some will invest in blue chip companies, others may like start-ups and some will focus solely on an individual industry such as Pharma. Through the use of this simulator, you can try out a number of different strategies to see which one works best for you.

No Risk

There is of course zero risk when you are investing virtually, but you should still think about your balance as though it is your money. When the time comes to actually invest your cash, you need to be strong when calculating risks, and this game can help you to perfectly understand when a risk is too big.


As we mentioned before, the best way to learn something new is to try it out and make mistakes. Unfortunately if you begin investing with real cash first, those mistakes will end up costing you money, you may learn, but you will still have lost cash in the process. Through the use of a simulator you can ensure that you make mistakes and learn from them, without it costing you a penny.

Remember that whilst you will be relived that your losses are not real, it can also be quite frustrating when you profit a lot, because this will also not be real. The key is to try out a number of approaches, work out how you can win and avoid losing, and use the simulator for as long as you feel comfortable, before taking on the investment for real.