How do you like to dress when you head off on an airplane? Do you like to keep it comfy? This is generally the approach that most people will take to what they wear for their trip on a plane, but there is a solid case to make for dressing up very smart indeed. Most people will turn their nose up at the idea of glamming themselves up for a flight, but doing so has got a number of benefits which will make doing so worthwhile.


The next time you go on a plane, here are just some of the benefits which you can look forward to if you have your glad rags on.


Ah, the illusive free upgrade, something which others seem to get but you always miss out on. Whilst there is no guarantee that dressing sharp can get you an upgrade, it most certainly will boost your chances. Airline staff don’t want to put someone in first class who is wearing a pair of tracksuit bottoms and that ‘comfy; sweater which you like to wear on a Sunday afternoon. Someone who is wearing a shape suit or a glamorous dress however, well that could be a very different story. Getting a free upgrade is about giving yourself the best chance that you can, and dressing smart is certainly one way to go about it.

Dress Good, Feel Good

Whether you have become used it it or not, air travel is a very special event which is well worth dressing up for, and it may even make you feel better. A long haul flight can be tiring and leave you feeling a little worse for wear, dressing up however can actually make you feel better about yourself, and therefore keep you in better shape during your travels.

Suitcase Space

A lot of people will not use their plane clothes again on the holiday which they are going on, which will require you to use far more space in your suitcase. Wearing some glad rags however, can ensure that you get the smart clothes to your destination, without creasing them and without using up unnecessary space in your suitcase. This is especially true for ladies who know only too well how much space those heels take up in the case.

Better Service

Many people have spoken about how much better service they receive from the flight crew when they are kitted out in a sharp suit or dress. Whilst this probably shouldn’t be the case and everyone should be treated equally, if there is a chance of getting better service simply because of the clothes which you are wearing then it could make a lot of sense to take advantage of it.

Next time you get on a flight, don’t simply opt for your sweatpants and an old t-shirt, get your best clothes out of the closet and treat this trip like the glamorous occasion which it is.