As a person on social media you allow people to see only what you want them to see, or you don’t socialise there at all.

But if you are a business owner you don’t have much of an option as business presence online is now a key factor in generation of clients and customers. Having people walk into your office is now only a small percentage, so how do you successfully navigate the internet to make it work for you?

The answer lies in your website and yes, your social media presence.

The Website

A question for you… How many times have you diverted people away from your website?

Seems a silly question right? But in reality most business owners have the tendency to turn away clients from their website when meeting them in public. How many times have you said any of the following 3 sentences?

  1. Oh don’t look at our website, it needs serious work to it!
  2. We don’t actually have these things on our website yet.
  3. Don’t message through the website, just give me a call.

Guaranteed you have uttered one of them in the last 12 months to someone. What you are freely admitting to potential clients is that you are either behind the times or a too small operation to effectively keep up with today’s standard.

Your website needs to be kept uptodate, running smoothly and effectively translating what the client needs to know about using your services. On top of that, it should be a welcome sight on the eyes instead of a page plastered with text and no break of personality.

If your industry changes quite rapidly, you need to keep on top and dedicate the time to alter and update specifics to save time and potential embarrassment should a client call you to discuss it.

The Media is the Needier

You may hate social media but completely disavowing it when it comes to business is costing you a hell of a lot of revenue.

Social media is the platform to promote sales and services whilst redirecting them to your website. Once you have them on your website they are all yours to close the deals.

Facebook and Linkedin have become major generators of business and although it feels like your competition is fierce online, the help you can receive from friends, family, clients and co-workers in sharing posts and recommendations on your business will generate enough notice to start to bring in new business.

Although you may feel like it’s running another business instead of tending to business at hand, you can also leave your online presence to a reputable digital agency who can handle all of your internet needs in house, from responsive web design to aspects of software development to another area of specialty in Search Engine Optimization (SEO), specifically designed to boost your business rankings in online search engines such as Google.

Stockport website design firms have been at the forefront of digital advancement for business owners throughout the 2000s and know how to successfully market your business online utilising skill sets for social media and branding for your business.

Today it is very important how you communicate with the outside world by utilising the world wide web. With more businesses being set up from home you need to look into the fact that less and less will be walking through your door, so beginning your business strategy by adopting a full online presence is the key to successfully trading into the 2020s.