As much as you can buy international cuisine all over the world, there is always something very special about eating it directly from the source. Indeed in many cases you will find that once food begins to travel, it is tweaked and changed so much that it becomes almost unrecognizable from the original. One such cuisine which this has definitely happened to is pizza, the beautiful and convenient food which is eaten all over the world.

On recent trip to Rome, I made it my mission to seek out the very best pizza places in the city, to get to the heart of what a great pizza was all about. If you are heading to Rome and want to ensure that you eat the very finest pizza available, these are the spots which you should be heading to.


This place is simply iconic when in comes to serving up delicious pizzas and each every day it has queues running down the street. Unlike many pizzerias in Rome, Pizzarium sell it by the slice, and they only add very simple toppings, which are absolutely sublime. The most popular toppings here are potato and mozzarella, onion or simple tomato pies. From my perspective, this was the tastiest pizza that I tried during the entire trip.

Da Artenio

Inside Testaccio Market you will find this cute little bakery stall, on the south side of the market, right next to a fishmongers. Despite its size, this place packs a real punch when it comes to delicious pizzas, and they are served in a number of ways. You can buy pizza by the slice, by tongues – long stretches of thin pizza – or small hand-shaped sized pizzas. The toppings here are also very simple, tomato, good cheese, some black olives and potato, delicious food, and not many people know about this little gem of a place.

Pizzeria da Remo

Rome’s signature pizza style is a large and unsliced pie, perfect for tearing up and sharing, and this is what you can expect in Pizzeria da Remo. What I loved about the pizzas here is that when they arrive to the table, straight out of the oven, there is a real sense of drama as the main event makes its way over to your table. The bases of these pizzas are majestic, a perfect blend of chewy, crispy and thin, topped with some sublime fresh ingredients. If you want to see the pizza show, here is the place to be.


The pizzas which you will find here in Sforno are more Neapolitan style rather than Roman style, but that certainly doesn’t make them any less delicious. These thick based pizzas come with a huge range of toppings form the super simple Margherita to crazier offerings like the Greenwich which is Stilton and port reduction. If you are in a group and not everyone wants pizza this would be the perfect place to go as the range of the menu here is very impressive.