Gaming mice are among the most versatile PC components within a PC user’s arsenal. They come in a wide range of sizes, functions, features, and price points that make them unique for any style of gaming. PC gamers are often looking for the perfect gaming mouse to suit their needs, however that isn’t as simple as just buying a general-purpose gaming mouse.

Depending on the style of game being played, and the nature of the gamer themselves, there are several factors that should be considered when making a gaming mouse purchase. Let’s look at what style of gaming mouse is ideal for various types of games and gaming functions.

Razer Viper 4

  • Shooters/Battle Royale

‘Shooter’ mice are the most used and well-known, simply because they are very versatile and most easily recognized. They do not stray far from the standard mouse build format, but they do come with a few extra functions. Firstly, they typically come with easy-to-access DPI setting of buttons and controls. This is because controlling the DPI precision of the mouse is essential to increasing reaction time in shooters. In addition, some shooter mice will come with DPI ‘sniper’ buttons that will decrease the DPI when pressed in and increase it when released. This allows for better on-the-fly control of a gamer’s precision while playing FPS games.

Typically, shooter mice will only come with the standard two-finger left and right button set up, with the scroll wheel in the middle. Occasionally you may find additional side buttons, but not many.

Some great shooter gaming mice to consider are:

  • Razer DeathAdder.
  • LogiTech G500s.
  • CM Storm Spawn.

Our personal recommendation would be the Razer gaming mouse series.

  • MOBA/MMO games

For MMOs and MOBAs you will want a mouse that brings a fair bit more complexity to the table. This is because MMOs and MOBAs will require the use of ‘key-bindings’ in order to hot key your buttons to quickly and accurately shift through spells/abilities/cool downs throughout matches and raids. MMO/MOBA mice will often come with a wide range of button options along the thumb side for easy access and can feature anywhere from 5-24 buttons on them depending on how complex you want to get.

MMO/MOBA mice are generally regarded as ‘over-kill’ by those who do not play these types of games, however that simply isn’t the case. Any serious MMO/MOBA player will tell you how beneficial added mouse buttons can be to properly key-binding spells and abilities.

Some great MMO/MOBA mice to consider are:

  • LogiTech G502 Proteus Spectrum.
  • Razer Naga Trinity.
  • Corsair Scimitar Pro RGB.
  • Other Factors to Consider.

Apart from features and added functions, there are a few factors that one should also bear in mind when choosing a gaming mouse. No matter what type of gaming you are using it for, you want comfort to be a top priority. The prolonged use that gaming mice will undergo means that you will want to make sure the mouse does not create wrist or finger pain over time. When buying a mouse, you should consider:

  • Size – If the mouse is too small or too big, it can force the user to have to grip the mouse in an unnatural way, which can lead to joint pain in the hand.
  • Customization – A good gaming mouse will come with intuitive and smooth software and customization options to custom tailor the user experience to your own personal style and needs.
  • Quality – A mouse is going to be used and abused under intense gaming sessions. This means that you want to avoid brands that do not carry a reputation for longevity and durability. If you are unsure of what brands to look into, you have a few safe bets: Razer, LogiTech, Corsair, SteelSeries, and Cooler Master are great choices.

Final Thoughts

Ultimately your gaming mouse is an extension of your own hand. You want it to fit your own personal play style, comfort needs, and use preferences. You are the ultimate judge on what makes a great gaming mouse, as everyone is going to have their own opinion. Just remember, if you are playing games that require rapid wrist movement and precision, choose a mouse with high DPI, and controllable DPI settings. If you are playing MMO/MOBA games, choose a mouse that allows you to hot key your abilities and customize your user preferences more.

If you keep these factors in mind, you are likely to end up with a great gaming mouse that suits your needs and gaming preferences perfectly.