Something that you never want to have to deal with is being hit by a car.

Unfortunately, accidents do happen. So, what do you do when you have been hit by a car?

The Emotions

Being involved in any sort of accident can bring on a range of emotions–especially being hit by a car. It is a stressful thing to experience and proper steps need to be taken to ensure your safety and for a successful claim.

First, you always want to have a car accident lawyer in Philadelphia on your side to help you through this journey. While you deal with your injuries and your emotions, leave the legal side of things up to your lawyer.

Always Be Prepared

Of course, it always helps to be prepared. We never want to think about being hit by a car, but if we are prepared when we hit the road, then we can make the process a little easier. Never leave your home without a charged cell phone or a charger. When an accident happens, a cell phone will be able to get you help right away.

Important documents should always be kept in your car such as your license, insurance, registration, and an extra pen and paper.

When it comes to being safe, you should ALWAYS buckle up when on the road. If you are driving, be sure to pay attention to all traffic laws and drive as safely as possible. You may not be in control of other people, but you can do your part to be safe on the road.

What to Do When An Accident Does Happen

Let’s say you are sitting in traffic and then BAM…a car hits you from behind.

Even if you are fully prepared, being involved in an accident is going to be a shock. But remember to remain calm.

First, call for help right away, if you can. This is where your charged cell phone will come in handy. If injured, call 911. If you can move off to the side, do so! You never want to put yourself at any additional risk for another accident. Of course, it all depends on the severity of the accident. Use common sense in order to take the proper steps.

Take a deep breath and recount all of the details. This is where your pen and paper will be needed. Make sure to take note of all injuries and information from the other party involved such as name, contact information, and insurance information. It also helps to take any photos of the accident and injuries.

Law enforcement should be called so they can file a report and talk to any witnesses. This will help your case if you decide to move forward with one.


After being involved in any accident, you want to consult with a personal injury attorney to know if you have a claim on your hands. Provide any medical records, police reports, insurance claims, and your detailed account of what happened. Your lawyer will use all this information to deal with the legal side of things so that you can concentrate on healing!

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