The top tips used by a Digital marketing and search engine optimization company are likely to include the following.

Put in simple terms SEO is all of the ways that you can ensure that your businesses website is on the first page of the results after a search is performed. The devices and procedures that enable this are all known to Search Engine Optimization Companies. Visibility is the term that refers to how far up the search your website is. The reasons that you want your site to be at the top of the search are fairly obvious, your online presence will increase the network of traffic viewing your website which should then in turn lead to more business opportunities. Thus, you also want to ensure that when they get to your site it is very easy to navigate, is engaging and user friendly. You want the whole of the user experience to be great, the current thought is that this will maintain visibility. The place to start is Google as google accounts for more than 90% of all global traffic online. Your main aim is to try and get in the top five results – so how do you do this?

The aim of a search engine is to provide the most relevant and useful sites as a result of an inquiry. This will be determined by the algorithms but Search Engine Optimization Companies no many of the tricks of the trade to get the best visibility based on these algorithms. This can be based on your location, time you post and many other factors. A big influencing factor is the quality of what is contained in your website. Publishing helpful useful articles that are informative and well produced are a big way to improve your visibility. Do not write purely to attract the algorithms make sure that your articles are well written logical pieces of work.

We live in a very fast paced environment where people will be put off if your website is slow and crashes often. Remember you have to make your website suitable for mobile media as well as a and it is now believed that sites such as google will only promote websites with both mobile and PC access and which are fast and up to date.

Another very useful tool is to add links to your articles. This is a great tool as it can provide your reader with even more information from official or interesting sites. It can reduce your bounce rates. It can also improve ranking via keywords which means that it can be more visible as it will appear for various keyword searches. It also means that the little crawlers or spiders will have a better idea what your article is about and that it is useful and trustworthy. Make links to authority websites such as government articles. These will give your site authority and enhance the trustworthy and useful nature of the article.