We all have fetishes and smutty fantasies we’d like to indulge. Some are mild, some are extreme, but the bottom line is – nobody is exempt. A lot of things can be learned through exploration and just being daring enough to try new things but sometimes it is a matter of preserving the sexual excitement which relationships tend to lose over time. So what can couples do when yesterday’s kinks become dull and something fresh is needed to rekindle the fire?

A balanced sexual lifestyle requires both partners to be in it together because there needs to be reciprocity in order for bedroom revolutions to work. Even the most adventurous sessions are guaranteed to lose their zest. That is why it is immensely important to think outside of the box and be open to new experiences. The happiest couples are those who give each other space to express their desires, no matter how weird they seem on the surface. So let’s delve deeper into the world of favorite kinks and sex moves that may help bring you and your lovey-dovey even closer than before.

Kinks we all might love

People have a tendency to view their innermost desires as “normal” whereas everything that doesn’t coincide with that personal taste is quickly considered weird or creepy. However, most kinks aren’t creepy at all because people have an innate curious attraction towards sexual behaviors that are unconventional. In that uninhibited spirit of trying new things and expanding your taste in adult toys with your partner, here are the most widespread kinks you should definitely try out at least once in your lifetime!

Wet & Messy (WAM)

Also known as sploshing, these sexual fantasies mainly involve food and things that can get things extremely messy during intercourse. You’d be surprised just how many people love to incorporate food into their routine, so much they even purchase specialized tanks where they can go all out nasty. Food always had a sensual connotation if put to good use. You don’t have to be extreme about it but dabbling in such arts may expand your sexual vocabulary and teach you a thing or two about yourself. Try:

  • Edible paints, lubes, and gels that are the gateway into the world of food kink
  • Whipped cream bikinis
  • Make some chocolate desserts and spread them all over your partner

Mirror, mirror on the wall

You’d be surprised just how people get inventive in bed when they have a mirror beside to provide new angles to the overall experience. Formally known as katoptronophilia, it is the love of watching the act of sex play out while also making it happen. It may sound narcissistic but it is actually a perfect way to really have a grasp at your performance and find poses that visually turn you on. Try:

  • Creating a bird’s eye view by installing mirrors above the bed
  • Having mirrors incorporated in nearby furniture like cabinets to have front row seats of the act
  • Exploring other kinks while also indulging this one

Dirty talk

Do you think you’ve got the verbal skills to arouse someone just by “painting a picture” of the act? Auditory fetishes are common and usually involve using a lot of swear words, sub-dom dynamics, and even verbal degradation. People enjoy talking smut in the bedroom because when erotic words hit just the right spots, it gets all the juices flowing. If you find yourself getting turned on by the way your partner talks to you, you might be sitting on a goldmine. Try exploring it by:

  • Roleplaying that allows you to be something that you are not
  • Changing accents and pretending you are from somewhere else
  • Reenacting scenes from your life in a sexualized manner


One of the things that make BDSM so appealing to some people is the suspense of it all. When you or your partner are left to hang, it deepens your appetites and makes you want to release your urges even more. A great way to cause suspense is to dominate the submissive partner until he or she feels completely helpless. This act does not necessarily require bondage but it can boost that feeling of powerlessness that amps up the suspension. Try:

  • Being a tease until your partner is about to burst
  • Temporarily stop before you or your partner is about to orgasm
  • Investing in a door slam swing as an introduction to BDSM suspense

Remember, kinks and fetishes are a natural part of our sexuality but it takes diligent effort to explore them. Never take them for granted! Those who are daring enough can understand their purpose because relationships never stand still and need constant reinventing to maintain the sex drive. These unconventional kink examples are just the tip of the iceberg but the most important thing is to trust your tastes and what your body is telling you. Sex is best for those who dare so be bold and creative!