With spring on its way and different holidays coming up such as half term breaks, Easter and then summer break, it’s likely you will have guests coming to stay at your house at some point in the coming months. Regardless of who you have coming to stay, you always like to make a good impression and show off your hospitality, and what better way to do so than through making your guest rooms look amazing or through little added touches that make your guests feel right at home? Here are some of our favourite tips for making your home the perfect haven for entertaining.


Decor is one of the top ways you can really impress your guests. With stylish and luxury bedding from the likes of Julian Charles you’re sure to leave your guests in awe with comfort and ambience. Consider adding in some type of ambient lighting like through a lamp well as using throw blankets on chairs or in a window seat along with a stylish cushion or two. Cushions on the bed also give it that extra touch of class and style, so add cushions that go with the rest of the decor in the room, usually solid coloured work best.

Little Touches

When decorating a room for guests, the little touches can be one of the best ideas to help make the room more inviting, homey and special. A small basket of bath supplies for example can be a great addition to any guest room, with shampoo, conditioner and a fresh bar of soap for the guests to use so they don’t need to bring their own. If you or your guests are fussy you can always get smaller bottles to refill for each and every guest. Adding towels your guests can use as well is a great additional touch and helps them know what they should pack and what they don’t need to.


Clean rooms are key to making guests feel comfortable. After all, you wouldn’t want to sleep on used sheets or notice the floor hadn’t been vacuumed or swept when you were staying at someone’s house. A clean room shows you’ve put time and effort into making your guests feel welcome. Cleaning and laundry supplies should be considered as people with allergies may not be able to handle strong smells associated with different products, as well as those with detergent allergies with bedding. There are a lot of hypoallergenic cleaning and laundry supplies on the market today, so keep some on hand for those guests who are sensitive to allergens.

So if you’re expecting visitors of all kind this spring, summer and into the autumn or winter, consider some of these great tips on helping make guests feel at home in your spare rooms. There are so many different, creative ways you can use to make a guest bedroom really stand out and impress your relatives and friends, so the sky really is the limit. What will you choose for each room? We’d love to hear from you!