An engagement ring is the most precious jewel you have. This not just reminds you of the beautiful memories between you two but also keeps you bound all together. But rings are rings. They leave their spark after a certain point in time. Well, this spark can be regained if you take care of your wedding ring in the most special way.

Yes, expensive gifts require some careful handling. If you are using a high-quality jewelry cleaning solution, this is the best thing you’ve been doing for your ring. You can even think of making cleaning and polishing a routine so that your engagement ring looks as good as it was back then.

Take a look at some tips to care for your wedding ring in the right manner. Keep scrolling.

Tips to keep your engagement ring safe!

1. Make a specific ring storage box

Every time you take off your wedding ring, do make use of some specific ring storage box. Why? Because having a designated storage space would not let the air particles harm the ring in any way. Moreover, you will be able to find your ring easily as you would not get it back if you leave it somewhere which you will not remember later. So, it’s better to make a habit of keeping your ring safe in a ring box every time you go to the gym or to bathe.

2. Beware of certain activities

Well, certain activities such as swimming, sailing in an open sea, gardening, cooking, chopping, and even dusting can make your ring lose its spark very early and easily. Hence, it’s better to take some precautions beforehand. Some activities are so dangerous that even if you expose your ring for a single second, it will start eroding, and hence it is just next to impossible to get your ring’s charm back.

3. Check the temperature

If you are going out shopping, make sure to check for the temperature once. If it’s too cold outside, prefer to keep your ring back at home. This is because, during a cold wave, many people’s hands go small and hence this increases the chances of the ring getting slid from the fingers.

On the contrary, during summers, many people witness their finger’s expansion. This might increase the non-comfort and hence it’s better to keep your wedding ring back at home in such circumstances.

4. Keep it away from chemicals

Well, you must know that perfumes, deodorants, lotions, moisturizers, and even sunscreens contain chemicals. These chemicals can snatch away the spark of your wedding ring. Hence, it’s a good decision to remove the ring while applying things like these and protect your ring from getting damaged.


Taking care of your wedding ring is just not an easy task. You might face a lot of difficulties but at the same time it’s the most special gift from your special someone and due to this you would want to care for it even more, right?

Hence, the above-shared tips will prove to be beneficial for you in every sense. You can even send some ring cleaning solutions along with flower delivery online to your special one.

Do try your luck!