As a biker, it pays to think about the head to toe look when picking out your riding attire, from the boots all the way up to your head gear. Though invented for protective purposes, helmets have become the finishing touch to any motorcyclist’s wardrobe. Along with this piece of equipment’s sleek style, here are the top three reasons you should always wear your helmet.

1. Your Head Is Protected From Injury

Your brain is one of the most fragile organs in your body. Without a helmet, one bad wipeout could completely change your life in the worst possible way. After a minor spill, you may not even notice symptoms of concussion or other trauma until days later, when it’s gotten more severe. With the best head protection, you’re less likely to experience a devastating brain injury.

2. Your Vision Won’t Be As Impaired

Most helmets come equipped with visors, so you’ve got a barrier against sunlight or rain. Even wind can force you to squint your eyes if it’s harsh enough, especially if it’s blowing sand or dirt directly into your eyes. Visibility is important for both your safety and the other riders out there on the road. Like all motorcycle riding gear, you should take pride in your helmet and give the visor a good polish before you head out.

 3. You Won’t Get Debris in Your Face


There’s a reason that windshields get peppered with dead bugs at fast speeds. There’s nothing like insect carnage to ruin your day after a fantastic ride. On top of this unpleasant side effect, helmets can protect you from more dangerous road debris that may injure parts of your face, including your teeth. When traveling at high velocity, even the smallest objects can become deadly.

You’ve got many reasons to wear a helmet while you ride, but you still have a say in what your headgear looks like. Choose one that’s got the look you want to show off, and make sure it matches your unique riding style.