Life with mobility issues is pretty challenging.  Everyday tasks that others give hardly any thought can be a tiresome challenge for those who cannot move with ease.  Basic tasks like moving between rooms, up and down a staircase, getting in and out of a bathtub or getting through doors require significant effort if you are wheelchair bound or just don’t have full control over all of your muscles.

Despite these everyday challenges you still have to get out there, live a full life, work, socialize and have some fun.

But how do you do all of these things if basic tasks are taking up so much time and effort?

Well, it all starts with the right home setup.  Here are a few great tips that might just make those challenging everyday tasks you deal with every day a little bit easier.

Get A Walk-In Bath

One of the biggest challenges for those with mobility issues is to take a bath.  We all love a warm bath and a good soak in hot water has tremendous healing powers and can help reduce plenty of pains and aches in joints and muscles. It is incredibly hard to climb into and get out of a deep, slippery, hard and cold bathtub when you have mobility problems.  A walk in bath can help you tremendously. These baths are specially designed for those with disabilities, mobility issues and for seniors.  With this bath installed in your bathroom, you can enjoy a luxurious warm bath or a quick bath to get you ready for work without all the fuss of getting in and out and without the risk of falling and obtaining injuries.

Consider a Walk-In Shower

Walk-in showers, like walk-in bathtubs, make it much easier to get clean without the risk of slipping and falling and without the tremendous struggle to just get in and out of the shower.  These showers are also fitted with seating so you can enjoy a long shower without getting tired.

Remove Unnecessary Doors

Doors are overrated in our modern open-plan home trends so why are you allowing a silly door to get in your way of moving around in the house.  Remove unnecessary doors like living room doors so you can get around easier.

Replace Doors with Sliding Doors

Sliding doors don’t get in your way when you are entering and exiting rooms and they are much easier to operate.  Consider replacing all of your interior doors with sliding doors.

Declutter As Much As You Can

Too much furniture in your home will only get in the way of your walking aids.  Declutter your home as much as possible and sell off any furniture you don’t need or use.  Yes, we are talking about all of those family heirlooms that you keep just for the sake of sentimental value.

Make Your Dining and Living Areas Wheelchair Friendly

It is an incredible fuss to move from our usual chair to another chair just so you can get into a room.  Make your room fit your lifestyle and create open spots just for you.  This makes it much easier to join the table for dinner, enjoy family shows and get around.

Hopefully one or two of these tips will help you take on everyday tasks just a little bit easier so you can complete these tasks quicker and be on your way a lot faster.