Initial Public Offerings (IPOs) mark that moment when a private company is first listed in the stock market. During the huge dotcom boom investors made a lot of money through IPOs because they could invest in practically anything and get a good return. However, at the moment, things are much more complicated than they used to be. It is really important to be careful and invest only after you conduct a really good research. The tips below will surely help.

Being Careful With Research

The biggest problem in researching an IPO investment opportunity is that it is difficult to find data about the company that is to go public. The big difference between the private companies and those that are on the stock market is that there are not many analysts that look for possible cracks. While companies do try to offer as much information as possible, we need to understand that this data is normally offered by the firm so it cannot fully be trusted.

Whenever researching IPOs, be sure that information sources are objective. Never blindly believe everything that is offered and try to learn all that you can about the firm in order to see if the investment will be successful or not.

Look For How Products/Services Can Help The Target Audience

This is one of the most important things that you have to always analyze. Are the services/products offered by the company actually relevant? As an example, when people invested in the ShiftPixy IPO it is a certainty that the firm will go big in a short period of time because there is a clear demand of applications that help the mobile workforce find jobs.

Although it is difficult to find information about the company, there is usually quite a lot of data available about what the company sells. Analyzing that can tell you if the IPO is a good investment option or not.

Choose Firms That Use Strong Brokers

It is always a really good idea to select those companies that have strong underwriters. This does not mean that the really big investment banks are never going to bring some duds to the stock market but generally, the quality brokerages tend to bring just quality companies.

If you select the smaller brokerage, you need to exercise caution. These are quite willing to underwrite firms. As a simple example, a brokerage firm like Goldman Sachs can actually afford to be picky about the underwritten firms. The really small brokerage firm cannot make such choices.

We should add that because smaller brokers are used, there is a small client base and individual investors can find it easier to buy some pre-IPO shares. This is sometimes a red flag but it can be a great opportunity for a highly experienced investor.


In the current IPO market it is a good idea to be skeptic. There is much uncertainty that surrounds IPOS because of the clear lack of available information. Because of this, you do want to approach IPO investments with extreme caution.