Filipino businesses opening businesses in the Asia market have a lot of support in terms of an economy that encourages entrepreneurship and industry. Not only that, the culture promotes family-owned businesses whose premise almost focuses on business relationships that are closely in line with family relationships. Professionals looking to open their next venture in this country are fortunate because these work structures and ethics form the basis of a climate that nurtures business.

In the Philippines, most successful businesses thrive through the efforts of individuals that make up the team, whether this team is comprised of family or friends. Add in the coworking space, and the Filipino office landscape takes on a new shape. For the most part, the coworking revolution, while completely transforming the modern office in other parts of the world, has come to be a complement to already-established work structures.

Let’s take a look at how collaboration is taking a new form in the 21st century and changing the business landscape.

Adopting The Modern coworking Office

Years ago when the coworking space was established, its fundamental purpose was to provide professionals with a positive working environment. Today, the mission is still similar, but in order to do that, leasing outfits have come up with ingenious ways to promote the collaboration. In its current incarnation, the coworking office has updated technologies, provided plush offices in premium locations, and best yet offered professionals a low price tag. Servcorp coworking space in the Philippines is a great example of the way in which these offices are organised.

The Filipino twist on the coworking office builds on this established structure. Already endemic of the culture is an attitude that encourages professionals to work together respectfully. Further, in working together, professionals adopt a long-held position that looks down on negative behaviours that embarrass or isolate other team members from the whole. For professionals working in this country, the coworking space provides the structure for these ideals.

Employing Networking Then Collaboration

Because the coworking community focuses heavily on providing a sense of community, professionals form relationships with others from a range of professions. First of all, the hot desk is the source of much social interaction, which can be the start of much informal networking. At these hot desks, professionals talk up their craft, exchange information and even generate more business through referrals.

However, in combination with the formal networking events, professionals working in the Filipino coworking community gain the advantage of meeting an encyclopaedia of professionals from a variety of industries. Add in the numerous non-work-related social events where you can talk up your business, and you are destined to meet up with like-minded professionals. These contact points can culminate in meeting mentors who really can be valuable resources in getting your business off the ground. For the most part, these contacts also develop into opportunities for you to collaborate with others in the coworking community.

Ultimately, the coworking community serves as a cocoon for your business because it provides the much-needed essentials to raise your business’s profile and generate income. In the coworking space, a space that focuses on collaboration over competition, you can exchange business ideas with others in a safe environment without the negativity often found in business. Furthermore, you have the opportunity to make lifelong friends, which forms the basis of many business partnerships in the Philippines.

A Different Twist On The Modern Workplace

Coworking in the Philippines stands to be successful because, as stated previously, the format supports already established cultural norms. For the Filipino professional, the coworking space presents numerous opportunities to connect with other professionals. More significantly, these opportunities can translate into collaborative opportunities.