Utah State spans a vast area filled with canyons, national parks and countless opportunities for outdoor activities. More and more nature lovers are taking the chance to visit the Beehive State and indulge in its rustic beauty. Dozens of utah vacation rentals allure the more adventurous who want a slice of comfort on their state-wide adventure. But getting around this colossal state can prove challenging. Keep reading and discover how to travel around Utah.

Why Visit Utah State

Before explaining the best ways to get around Utah, it pays to address the reasons why tourists should consider visiting. First, the rugged landscapes offer endless chances to go hiking and climbing mountains. Deep canyons carved millions of years ago create a photographers paradise. Add in the wildlife roaming around including elk and moose, and you have a real outdoor wonderland. When the winter approaches, the mountain tops transform into skiing resorts. Snowboarders and skiers from around the United States hit the resorts. Add in the vibrant and youthful cities, family-friendly activities and an indoor skydiving centre. Not only is Utah among the more underrated destinations, but it also offers a different experience in the United States.

How to Get Around Utah

There are four ways to travel around the state including driving, using the buses and trains and taking domestic flights. Each comes with their own pros and cons, which are described in more detail below. Driving gives the traveller the most flexibility and the opportunity to get to the more difficult to reach hiking trails. Buses offer an affordable way to get around while trains have a reputation for scenic routes. Flying is the best way to get from one major city to the next when you’re on a tighter schedule.


If you’re a domestic tourist, the fastest way to get around the state is by driving. Travellers with their own vehicle have both the freedom and flexibility to explore at their own pace. Get a GPS and program some of the must-visit attractions and off you go. When compared to other forms of transport, this is the most convenient way to explore Utah. If you’re driving, ride along the Scenic Byway which has an international reputation as one of the United States’s most beautiful drives. Alternatively, bookmark the Mount Nebo Loop and ride along the winding mountain roads and hairpin bends. You should also consider travelling to Antelope Island near Salt Lake City as well as Provo, Ogden and Cedar City.

But not every visitor to Utah drives. A sizeable number of travellers fly into Salt Lake City. If you fall into this category, it’s possible to rent a vehicle from the airport. Rather than a sedan, opt for a more robust 4×4. This not only gives you more freedom on the dusty outback roads, but it also reduces the chance of problems after the occasional downpours.

Long-Distance Buses

Apart from driving, a network of public buses and coaches connect to all corners of Utah. Offering both affordable and reliable transport, buses are among the most popular ways to get around for backpackers. UTA Buses pass between one city and the next. This is an ideal way to get from Salt Lake City to either Ogden or Provo. Provo is highly recommended for their abundance of museums and cultural attractions. Tourists in Salt Lake City can take advantage of the free shuttle buses. But not every bus offers this service and it’s essential to find out which ones do beforehand.

Greyhound buses are among the more popular ways to travel longer distances. The coaches collect passengers and provide a comfortable environment to endure the long journey. Like the rest of the United States, the Greyhound services in Utah are both relatively affordable and convenient. But not every bus offers the same level of service and amenities. It pays to research the different companies to find out which one caters more precisely to your own needs. Some provide free refreshments while others have more direct routes. Almost every service now offers free Wi-Fi on board and a power outlet to charge electronics. But again, it always pays to double check and read the fine print before booking tickets.


Train travel is one of the top ways to see the best of the barren state’s landscapes. Railways link Salt Lake City with several smaller towns located around Utah. Almost all travellers will use the company Amtrak, which organises most long-distance transport in the country. Expect reasonably priced tickets and ever-changing landscapes capturing the attention of all the people in the carriage.

However, you should anticipate delays and not rely on the train services if you’re on a tight schedule. Because the passenger trains share the lines with freights, they don’t always have priority. Make sure you download Amtrak App, which gives up-to-date information of any delays. But if you persevere, you’ll find a rewarding way to get around the state.


There are three main airports in Utah: Salt Lake City International Airport, Cedar City and St George. The vast majority of international visitors arrive in Salt Lake City, which also acts as a hub for Delta Airlines flights. Compared to other forms of transport, flying is the fastest. But it comes at a price. Flights are more irregular, and you might be paying several hundred dollars for the convenience.

Knowing the best way to get around

Depending on your reasons for visiting Utah, it’s a good idea to take into consideration how you’re going to get around. If you want to see as much of the country as possible, get a car. Or use a combination of the bus, trains and flying.