If you’ve given birth, you know all too well that the body you had before your pregnancy is nothing like the one you have following it. This is an unfortunate reality even if you manage to return to your pre-pregnancy weight. Your body simply changes. The great thing, though, is that you can reverse what’s been done to your figure with a little help from a cosmetic surgeon. Cosmetic surgeons, such as those at Sono Bello, have frequently explained the benefits of laser liposuction on their websites and on social media, including Twitter.

Forty-year-old Angela, a mom of three, said she chose to make her 40th birthday gift an advanced laser liposuction treatment. After all, she had experienced not one but two cesarean sections and wanted to reclaim her pre-pregnancy body. She had tried exercise and diet but couldn’t get rid of the stubborn fat in her midsection.

In addition to wanting to feel better about her figure, previously divorced Angela wanted her new husband to see her with the type of body she used to have. Angela said her husband was handsome and had aged much better than she had, and she wanted to look as though she actually belonged with him. Thanks to the liposuction treatment she underwent, she now feels this way. On top of this, her husband is astonished at her new look, and her teenage daughter even asks to borrow her clothes.

Angela is proof that no matter how much your body has changed as a result of child bearing, you can indeed get it back with help from the right medical professionals. A cosmetic surgeon may be able to give you the shape you once enjoyed so that you can feel just as confident in your 30s, 40s, and beyond as you did in your 20s.