Finding your dream home can be difficult. Chances are, most places you look at will have one or two things that don’t suit you. As such, you might be tempted to get these things changed as soon as possible. But you have to ask yourself: is it better to remodel before or after you’re settled into the new home, should you remodel your new home before moving in? We hope to answer that question for you today with a list of reasons for and against, we hope you find it useful.

For: the work is large scale

Depending on the extent on the renovations, you might want to do them before moving in. The reason is simple: if the renovations cover most of the house, you can’t live in it anyway. Work such as vinyl flooring in the entire house, changing the roof or any of the infrastructure throughout it and so on. As such, you will want to get it done before you move in. If you don’t, you will have to either rent out a property or live in a hotel for a while, neither of which are good options if we’re honest. If your new home is in need of some major changes, you are much better off delaying your move until the work is done. You can always look forward to making your house a home after it is renovated into the perfect home for you.

Depending on the scale of work which needs to be done on the new house, you are much better off getting it done before moving in.

For: the work is in a critical area of the house

Another very good reason to remodel your new home before moving in is if it the work you intend to get done is in a critical area. For example, if you plan to remodel the kitchen, or the bathroom. If it is something you can’t live without, then you should have the work done before moving in. This follows the same logic as the previous reason. Being unable to live in your new home while the renovations are ongoing is obviously bad, so the work needs to be done beforehand. We realize that delaying the move in can be annoying, but it is much better than staying in a hotel for possibly over a week. In addition, in specific when renovating your kitchen, you might have to look for custom furniture. Hiring cabinet makers for your kitchen can take a bit, so you really want the remodel done beforehand.

For: the remodel is necessary to make the house functional and safe

This one is pretty obvious. You don’t want to live in an unsafe house, so obviously getting the necessary renovations done beforehand is the better choice. The renovations which fall into this category are: plumbing, wiring and roofing. Otherwise, anything that would limit your access to the house for prolonged periods of time. In addition, experts from recommend you make sure the house is fully functional before moving in. Most other jobs can be easily delayed for after you are settled into your new home. But you still need to take into consideration how the renovations will affect the life of you and your family. An additional factor you need to consider is that certain renovations shouldn’t be done with children or pets around. So, carefully think about these factors when deciding if you should do renovations before you move in.

Living in an unsafe home is obviously bad, so if the remodel is something like roofing you should definitely have it done beforehand.

Against: making sure the renovations are suitable

One of the biggest reasons against trying to remodel your new home before moving in is the fact that you are probably basing your renovations on your old home. It can be very tempting to get everything in the new home as close to how it was in the old one as possible. However, it is a fact that certain things won’t work quite as well with the new layout. So, before you start remodeling the new home, you should first make sure the changes you want to make will work. In addition, if you are planning a renovation like vinyl flooring, you should learn how to clean vinyl flooring first. Living in the new house for a little bit will let you see what is actually a good idea and what isn’t, so it’s usually the better choice.

Against: saving money

If the remodeling work you intend to have done is relatively small, or at the very least doesn’t impact you living in the house, then it is cheaper to get it done after moving. Truth is, doing remodeling while you still live in the old home can get pretty expensive. After all, you would be paying the expenses for two properties at the same time. So, instead of needlessly paying more than you need to, wait until after the move to get the renovation done. However, you should be careful when hiring movers: realistically, you should only hire reliable and experienced movers. It can be difficult to know you found the right crew, but that is why you should start searching for movers as early as possible in the moving process.

If the renovations you intend to do are small, it is significantly cheaper to have them done after moving in.

Should you remodel your new home before moving in? – Closing thoughts

Remodeling your new home before moving in has its benefits, but it also has its drawbacks. However, when it comes to deciding whether you should or not, only you can make the decision. Both the benefits and drawbacks depend heavily from situation to situation, depending on the size and type of remodeling which needs to be done. Every situation is different so make sure you think carefully before making any decision. We hope you found this list of for and against should you remodel your new home before moving in. We hope you found it useful and we wish you luck.

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