Choosing the perfect wallpaper to make your room look big and a quint space to live in sounds tricky, particularly when you are not much aware of the type of wallpapers. While choosing wallpaper, the buyer must consider two things, the style and the pattern of the wallpaper. These two are the contributing factors in giving your room an accented look. 

Here we are talking about the striped wallpapers and their magic to make your room look bigger. There are few things that many people do not know about striped wallpaper; a few years ago, I was one of them whenever I came across a wall with striped wallpapers. 

Effect of having one horizontal striped wallpaper.

Those walls with one horizontal stripe on them will have more depth and a bigger look. You can opt for a single stripe marked at a bit higher on the wall to make the room look bigger. It would not be an expensive measure; all you need to do is find the best self-adhesive wallpaper. It would be the cheapest way to make your room look bigger. 

A single stripe pasted on the entire room will keep the viewer confined to the stripe, and thus, it will give the room a larger appearance. To make it look even better, you must choose a lighter color for the base and a darker shade for the stripe. 

Multiple Horizontal stripe wallpaper

A multiple stripe wallpaper with several horizontal lines will make your room look even bigger. However, if you choose multiple stripes with the same shades, it might not have a profound effect. The trick is to find a wallpaper with two contrastive lines.

You must get the ones with an alternative shade or type. For example, a glittery lighter shade, running beside a matte darker shade. It will give a subtle look to the room. Such horizontal stripes will give an illusion of the width of the room. Read More at

The vertical stripe wallpapers.

The vertical stripes can make the room look elongated. If you have low ceiling space, try the vertical striped wallpaper, making the ceiling look high. It would be the perfect idea for the rooms on the first floor, which usually have lower ceilings. And if you want to make your living room bigger, you can also opt for the vertical stripes; the black and white striped wallpaper will look perfect for a contemporary look for the drawing-room décor.  

Pros and cons of having striped wallpaper.

Just in case you are still confused if you should have the striped wallpaper for your house. Here are a few pros and cons to help you get a clear idea. 


  • The striped wallpapers are in trend; if you would go for these, you are following the trend. 
  • They come with a variety of options. There is literally no limit to these fantastic wallpapers. 
  • You get different color shades. 


  • A slightly wrong decision can destroy the look of the room. 
  • A bit expensive than the other wallpapers.