I think that everyone would like to make some extra money from their Instagram photos. You might say that this is a pretty hard and maybe impossible task to do. However, it is not true. There are quite a number of people who earn extra money from their Instagram photos.

It is predicted that companies will spend around $1 billion dollars on influencer marketing alone in 2018. So being an Instagram influencer is a serious business.

Photo by Erik Lucatero on Unsplash

You might think that becoming an Instagram influencer is a hard thing to accomplish. It is not necessarily true. In the beginning, it might be hard to build up your followers and likes. Nevertheless, if you look at your Instagram account as you looked at it before, just to have fun and share your life’s story with others. It will be easier than you think, just try to follow these 5 tips below.

Have a Niche

If you want to become an Instagram influencer you need to have the main theme in your Instagram account. A lot of people just post their pets, food, selfies and their surroundings. These types of accounts are not good for influencer marketing because they are too generic and broad. Also, most of the time Instagram accounts like that does not have a lot of followers because they are not that interesting to people that they do not know.

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Try to find a coherent theme that you could fit in. For example, you want to make money from your gadget obsession? Try to make your Instagram profile around gadgets like this account does. By having a theme on your Instagram account, you will gather a more passionate and active follower base that marketers love. Just be creative and remember to have fun while doing this.

Use Hashtags

You might think that hashtags are dumb and no serious person should use it. However, it not the case. Hashtags are really important for your Instagram account success. Hashtags on Instagram are one of the most helpful things to get people to like your picture and follow you.

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Keep in mind, many people still do not know how to use them correctly, so you can use this to your advantage. I recommend checking hashtags instagram guide for how to use hashtags the right way and increase your follower base and likes.

Have a Posting Schedule

It is really important to be active on Instagram if you want to make any money out of it. Once, you decided that you want to become an Instagram influencer you need to commit to posting regularly. You can use various tools to help you to schedule your posts and post them regularly.

For the best results, you should try to post at least two or three times a week. Also, do not post all pictures in one day, try to schedule it throughout the whole week. You need to keep your followers entertain and provide them with fresh content.

Only Post High-Quality Pictures and Descriptions

All people have an eye for aesthetics and high-quality pictures. Nobody likes to see a lot of noise and big pixels on images. Unless your niche has something to do with stuff like that. Do not post blurry or boring pictures to your account, try to make them interesting and do not forget to edit them where needed.

Photo by Patrick Tomasso on Unsplash

Also, descriptions are important too. A lot of people tend to forget that. Write something related to the photo and your niche. I would suggest to be creative here and write something inspiring instead of those generic sentences that everyone uses.

Stay Patience and Focus on Your Main Goal

Rome was not built in one day as well as your Instagram account will not be built in one day or week. It takes time and effort to get an engaged follower base on Instagram. You should try using these tips for at least 6 months. During that time do not be afraid to experiment as well and try to find what works for you and what does not.

If there is not any company that contacts you within 12 months, you can try to contact companies in your niche as well. Do not wait for the money to come by itself, try to bring them to you with your actions. Maybe you inquiries to companies will be successful and you will post your first sponsored post.

Final Thoughts

The Instagram provided us with a possibility of sharing our life through pictures. However, it allows not only to share how we see our life but also to make extra money or even make a living out of it. So what are you waiting for? You should go and try to implement these tips to your Instagram, it is free of charge!