On top of being one of the world’s top agricultural regions, Vietnam makes an excellent travel destination. It is a Southeast Asian country with deep cultural roots and fantastic natures. The beauty of traveling to Vietnam is that it is affordable and offers you so much. The memories travelers create in Vietnam are priceless. You need to include Vietnam in your travel plans.

Once you have your Vietnam Visa ready, these are the places you should plan to visit in the country.

1. Hanoi

Being the capital of Vietnam, the city is graced with rich architecture and culture. The city has everything you need for a fantastic trip. With tons of shopping complexes, finding a souvenir to bring your loved ones at home is easy. Also, there are fantastic coffee shops where you can sip the beverage as you interact with other travelers. The world-famous President’s Palace is also located in Hanoi. It is a legendary site that you cannot afford not to visit.

2. Hoan Kiem Lake

This is for the nature-loving travelers. Lake Hoan Kiem is the perfect spot for memorable family time. Here is where you get to see the world’s most gigantic turtles and, at the same time, enjoy a peaceful atmosphere. There are tons of things you can do here. Ngoc Son Temple sits right in the middle of the lake; you can have a clear view of it from the banks.

You can also exercise or cycle around the lake as you enjoy nature: once you visit this place, you will want to go back again.

3. Vietnam Military History Museum

Located central of Vietnam’s capital, is among the major national museums in the country. You are advised to book a spot before the visit as the museum experiences high traffic. You have probably heard of stories about American imperialists and French colonialists in Vietnam. This is where you get all the information about Vietnam’s victory against them. The museum also houses the weaponry used in great Vietnam wars.

Also, you will get the background stories of the brave soldiers that participated in the wars: there are also pictures that will refresh the history.

4. Cu Chi Tunnels

If you are an adrenaline junky, and you are looking forward to the thrill-filled travel experience, this is a place you will love. The construction of these tunnels is also linked to the Vietnam wars. Their primary purpose was communication. Also, they were used as a safe place to hide during the wars.

In these tunnels, you will find weapon storerooms and routes that can take you to Cambodia’s border. There is a lot of history linked to these tunnels, and you will enjoy a tour here.

If you have not been to Vietnam before, these are the places you can start with. There are hundreds of places to visit: which is why you should come back after your first trip. Visit Vietnam, and you are guaranteed incredible experience.