Recently I have been reading about the amazing story of Nenadi Esther Usman, she is a Nigerian politician that is currently a Senator for Kaduna South, for the People’s Democratic Party.  What impressed me most about her journey is that she started as a teacher to becoming a role model for women all across the globe.  Usman is not only known for her political success but is constantly striving to empower woman in Nigeria.  After reading Usman’s story, it made me wonder why there hasn’t been more women in a political role throughout history.  It is however so reassuring that so many young women are looking at politics as a career they can strive in.

Changes in Culture

It saddens me that so many industries have been and still are dominated by males, unfortunately the reason behind this has been social opinions and cultures.  If we look at the facts, women have only been able to vote for about 60 years, so the rise in women in politics since then is encouraging.  The stereotypes of housewives staying at home to look after the family, whilst men are being the breadwinners is starting to become something of the past.  Every woman should feel empowered and should have the fight that they can be and will be part of the change.


It is not only just in politics that women are making huge strides, women can represent themselves like they have never been able to before.  It has been a long time coming and for a very long-time women have not had the same rights as men.  With this changing after years of fighting, a younger generation of women are inspired to go into politics when they know their voice will be heard.

Being Inspired

Younger women and girls now look to politics as a genuine career option.  For a long time now, there has been many influential figures for younger women to look up to.  Women are taking up roles as heads of companies, winning elections and gaining equality.  This inspires the younger generation to believe in themselves and the career they want is out there for them. The best bit about this is that the more young women who go into politics now, will ensure that the next generation and the generation after that continue to believe that there is a space for them in this line of work, where they can accomplish great things.


One of the main reasons I think women are getting into politics is to take change to the next level.  Yes, things are getting better for women but dependent on the culture or nation, there is a long way to go.  It has taken a long time and a lot of great women to get women’s rights to where it is and the next generation is awaiting to improve on that