This summer, you could cook up a sizzling jackpot on Cash Cookout, a quick-play, lottery-style game now available at all the best online casinos. It’s set on a virtual BBQ. But instead of burgers and bangers burning on the coals, you see stacks of cash that can sizzle away to reveal big money prizes!

To celebrate the online lottery game’s release, we thought it would only be fitting to hold a countdown of the UK’s biggest lottery winners to date. Check out these stories of lucky couples who were transformed into multi-millionaires overnight. . .

Colin and Chris Weir (£161M)

In 2011, Colin and Chris Weir were crowned the UK’s biggest lottery winners after scoping a £161 EuroMillions jackpot. The Scottish couple were catapulted straight onto the Sunday Times Rich List, and instantly became two of Scotland’s wealthiest residents.

Amongst one of their first purchases was a £3.5 million dream stately home, complete with 32 acres of land, outdoor fountains and a billiards room. They’ve also invested heavily in Patrick Thistle Football Club and launched the Weir Trust, a venture aimed at supporting Scottish charities and local communities.

Adrian and Gillian Bayford (£148M)

Adrian Bayford and wife Gillian learned that they had become the country’s second-biggest lottery winners on a summer evening in 2012. They immediately ordered in celebratory pizzas and spent the rest of the night deciding how to spend the huge jackpot.

Before the win, Gillian had been working as a nurse on the children’s ward at Addenbrooke Hospital, whilst Adrian has been selling records in his music shop. The £161 million sum allowed the couple to quit their day jobs and focus on spending more time with their children (then aged six and four).

After upgrading the family home to a Grade-II Listed Georgian mansion, the winners decided to share their fortune with several children’s charities close to their hearts.

Dave and Angela Dawes (£101M)

Dave Dawes and his fiancé Angela were living in a cramped one-bedroom flat when they discovered they has scoped £101 million with a winning National Lottery ticket.

They quickly got planning their dream wedding, and went on to purchase properties in London and Portrayal. But the pair were adamant the fortune would not be kept between themselves – they made the decision to share the jackpot with loved ones, making their closest friends and family millionaires too.

Matt Topham and Cassey Carrington (£45M)

At the age of 22, Matt Topham and fiancé Cassey Carrington became two of the youngest lottery winners in history, winning £45 million on the EuroMillions.

The kind-heart pair gave away the first £1.3 million chunk of their windfall to best friend Eddie, before splashing out on new sports cars for themselves and friends.

They also sold their £80,000 to upgrade to a £250,000 cul-de-sac. Whilst many were surprised the engaged couple didn’t splash out on a new mansion like most lottery winners, the new multi-millionaires confirmed the modest house was only a temporary residence whilst they drew up plans to build a new eco-friendly dream home.

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