What are Metro Vein Centers?

Metro Vein Centers is a group of clinics that specialize in the treatment of varicose veins and other vein diseases. Metro Vein Centers is a leader when it comes to its innovative treatment of these different diseases. Metro Vein Centers has highly trained and specialized surgeons who use unique techniques to relieve their patients of vein issues. These are compassionate physicians who are determined to give their patients the best care possible. Vein issues can be unbearable causing itching legs, leg ulcers, swollen veins and unsightly bulging veins. When a person goes to Metro vein Centers, she can be sure to find true solutions to her vein problems.

What does Metro Vein Centers Offer?

There are several vein treatments that are available to those patients who make the savvy decision to choose Metro Vein Centers. Some of the treatments that are regularly performed at Metro Vein Centers are the following: radiofrequency ablation, endovenous laser ablation of veins and sclerotherapy. Radiofrequency ablation is a treatment that involves the use of radio waves that essentially cut off the blood flow to the veins. This is a treatment that is minimally invasive, and it can be done in the doctor’s office within less than an hour. This procedure is covered by most insurances, and the recovery after the procedure is fast. Endovenous laser ablation is a treatment that involves the insertion of a small optic fiber into the damaged vein. This optic fiber heats up until it closes the vein. Once the vein is closed, it is absorbed back into the body. This procedure is performed in the office, and it is covered by most insurances. The last procedure that is performed at MVC is called sclerotherapy. During a sclerotherapy procedure, a specialist will insert a sclerosis solution that closes off the affected vein. Once this happens, the vein is absorbed back into the body, and the healing process begins. These are all procedures that are routinely performed at MVC, and they have helped hundreds of thousands of ailing patients.

Dr. Krista Bannon, MD- an Experienced Vein Doc

Dr. Krista Bannon is a Board certified vein doc who has about 5 years of experience in the field of vascular surgery. Dr. Bannon graduated from Meharry Medical College in Nashville Tennessee, and she did her general surgery residency there. Dr. Bannon practices at MVC’s Michigan location. Dr. Bannon is an accomplished author; she has published a number of different research publications. Apart from that, she published a chapter book about surgical procedures. Dr. Bannon has a desire to help those in need; she has participated in a number of different medical mission endeavors. Dr. Bannon is a specialist who truly has a desire to relieve her patients of their ailments; she realizes that each one of her patients is unique, and she deals with her patients on a case by case basis. Doctor Brannon is driven by her desire to serve her patients with compassion and care. She desires to continuously challenge herself in order to deliver the highest quality of care to her patients.