Are you in business for yourself or helping others with their marketing needs and you find that you or your colleagues struggle to find the perfect way to market your products? Many people in the marketing industry find that companies sell them all in one marketing programs and stacks that just don’t work for them – offering them a combination of marketing tools that often don’t have a very good return on investment.

When polled about which marketing platform they prefer to work with the most, 80% of marketers reported that they prefer to mix and match their platforms and that flexibility is one of the key things they look for when choosing a platform to work with. Many marketers find that they’re forced to work with a single vendor platform even though they find these types of platforms don’t provide them with the choices they want when it comes to types of marketing, they are required to work with a developer or they don’t see a return on their investments.

Ask most marketers though and they will say that email marketing is their go-to, resulting in almost $38 for every $1 invested in this particular platform, making email marketing the most popular continued form of marketing even when compared with new and more up to date methods.