Power and electricity distribution are much more complex than they used to be in the past. One thing that many do not know is that the regular systems that were utilized some years ago were far from being efficient. In fact, a lot of electricity was lost in the process. What was delivered to clients is not what could have been delivered.

The industry standards are changing. When referring to underground electricity transportation, it is preferred to use something else in a modern setting. This is because costs associated with underground transport are much higher. Since the costs are higher it is vital that everything is properly monitored and that any error is identified as soon as it appears. Although costs are high, it does not mean that they should be a true detriment for users and companies that distribute electricity.

Lindsey Manufacturing offers a solution to the distribution problem when handled in basically all possible settings. This includes underground transport through the complete range of voltage and current sensors available for underground installations, covering 200A and even 600A metal-clad, pad-mount, submersible and underground applications.

Whenever we have underground switchgear that does not have auxiliary power available, if a problem appears it is really hard to identify the reasons behind it. This is when Lindsey can use the patented underground supplies. They are really quickly installed and offer a DC power source for radios, RTUs, controls and meters used in the system.

Then, we have the actual Lindsey underground sensors that have some pretty interesting advantages that should be taken into account, including:

  • Current measurements and voltage measurements of really high accuracy, with just 0.5% possible error.
  • Reducing wells can be utilized with 200A ANSI load-break elbows, 600A cable systems and tee-body voltage sensors.
  • When there is a need to use submersible applications, there are special cast-in cable options that are available from Lindsey Manufacturing.
  • All the ring-type sensors used now are fully water tight. They are suitable for absolutely all possible submersible applications.
  • The split-core sensors offered give access to highly increased installation flexibility.
  • The underground power supplies that are utilized are also fully submersible.
  • Underground power supplies will offer 12VDC power, all through various ride-through options that instantly become available.

The bottom line is that underground systems are nowadays costly and power distribution companies try to avoid them at all costs. However, this is not always possible. It is necessary for distribution companies to fully monitor everything and react as fast as possible in order to minimize costs. This is much easier with the use of Lindsey Manufacturing’s underground sensors. They offer some clear advantages that should be considered over the competition. When it is combined with other technology that is available, all is even better.

To sum up, underground sensors that are installed by Lindsey Manufacturing offer really high quality reporting that is very hard to match. When you work with specialists from the company, you can even get other advantages that should be taken into account by the distribution firms.