Patrick Dwyer is a well-known Key Biscayne resident that got the distinction of being named the “Best-In-State Wealth Advisor” by Forbes. This is definitely a sign that Patrick Dwyer Merrill Lynch brings results for serviced clients. Dwyer & Associates is working with Merrill Lynch for the company’s Private Banking and Investment Group.

Dwyer is steadily bringing very good results for clients with investments that are proven to be highly successful. He is specialized in working with high net-worth families and individuals.

What is interesting is that Dwyer & Associates constantly received recognition in Miami and even around the country. For 2018 the firm is listed as being among the top 3 advisors. Dwyer is now number 2 in the state of Florida as a financial advisor. You can even see him added in the Top Financial Advisers list by the Financial Times.

What few people know is that Forbes is doing a lot of research when ranking the listed wealth advisors. SHOOK Research is responsible and rankings are based on meetings handled with all advisors. Various factors are considered, like industry experience, firm nominations, review of compliance records, assets that are managed, generated revenue and even client retention.

Patrick Dwyer became renowned because of the strategies that were used in the past. He and his associates are working hard to teach clients the appropriate way to use technology. Then, they offer access to a lot of information that is necessary for generating trust. Clients will always see the net worth of the investments, they receive performance reports, spending reports and even get to see the deposits made, all in an iPad application. Since clients are well-informed, decisions made are much better in the long run.

Another reason why Patrick Dwyer is highly successful is that clients are taught about developing realistic and clear financial plans. Then, advisors work with clients in order to maintain proper investment discipline. It is normal to be faced with emotional swings due to what happens with the markets and in one’s life. Financial education is taught by Dwyer and there is an encouragement to even teach the client’s children about financial independence. Basically, everything that is done is covering the long run, which is very important with all investments.

Dwyer always mentions that there are 3 finite resources that people have: time, wealth and health. Clients are helped by the advisor to manage wealth. At the same time, they are encouraged to focus on enjoying things that are valued more. Basically, Dwyer is dealing with the client’s investments so that the client can spend time working on health and enjoying life, all while being at peace that their investment budgets are bringing in gains every single year.

Patrick Dwyer is now working with numerous clients and is doing all that is possible to mentor younger financial advisors so that in the future the business will be safe. Clients need to keep coming in and this happens only when current and future advisors are properly trained. Basically, Dwyer is working with clients while also training the new generation of advisors that will represent more clients in the future, thus leading to even more growth.