Without exception, drug use has cost businesses tens of billions annually all around the globe. Not only that. Drug abuse on the job is responsible for high turnover rates for jobs, employees missing work all the time, more dangerous workplaces, and higher insurance rates, not to mention the legal fiascos companies can get in for their employees causing personal or proprietary damages on the job.

The benefits of drug testing

Businesses that test their potential employees for drugs before work see a whole host of benefits, including:

  • Being able to create and manage a safer work environment.
  • Seeing what potential employees have drug problems and making sure they don’t put your company at risk.
  • Following the law and not risking any lawsuits or criminal allegations.
  • Seeing less workplace theft, violence, and truancy.
  • Happier employees who work harder and form better relationships with clientele and each other.
  • A high standard reputation for being a company that says no to drugs. 

Making the hiring process a little easier

Picture this: You’ve just put out an ad for your entry level position. Then it happens: You start getting hundreds of reponses. So many qualified applicants all vying for that same position. What can you do? The pre-employment drug test narrows down your list instantly. No more do you have to aimlessly pick and choose for hours between the same candidates. As drug use and abuse becomes more common in the workplace, you can immediately spot potential trouble makers and free up valuable resources and interview spots for your next hire. 

Creating a company you can believe in

Drug testing potential employees is bigger than screening. It’s not just about the employee, what habits they might have, and how they spend their time on and off the job. It’s about something more grand. It’s about managing a company that people can believe in. It’s about raising the standards and letting everyone know that safety, productivity, and morale is valued at the job. It tells customers that the people working with them are level headed, safe individuals with a motivation to show up to work on time and happily do their job. It’s the 21st century, and you need a 21st century approach to employment. You need employees who aren’t hooked on the latest addictive chemicals, and you don’t need another thing to worry about. Don’t let your business become a workplace accident statistic. Don’t crush the values and ideals behind your management and company. More and more companies are encouraging pre-employment drug testing, because drug abuse on the job is no longer acceptable. 

Why Give a 10 Panel Drug Test?

These days, drug dealers and drug addicts are becoming smarter about their abuse. It used to be that many companies gave their employees a 5 panel test, and that was it. That may have worked a while ago, but not anymore. The threat of drug use is ever present in the workplace as more and more drugs are being used (without detection). That’s why it’s important to use a 10 panel drug test, double the drug testing, and double the safety. Are you willing to cut your business’s security in half by using outdated technology?