There are a lot of ways to be in a romantic relationship, but for some reason we’ve only ever been given a few limited templates of what they could be.

What is Polyamory?

Polyamorous relationships are gaining in popularity as people are becoming less and less enchanted by the idea of monogamy and as traditional marriage is becoming less popular. Polyamory is excellent for people that are attracted to multiple different sexual identities, it’s also great for people that do not feel fulfilled in monogamous relationships. Whether you are a single person considering polyamory, or in a couple where both partners are open to the idea of polyamory, there are some things that you should know before entering a relationship with more than one person.

Things to Consider

Polyamory comes in many different shapes. If you are considering polyamory, you should do research about distinct types of polyamory to learn more about the different relationship options and to see what type of polyamorous relationship is right for you. Understanding the difference between multi-partner relationships, hybrid relationships and swinging is important before entering into a polyamorous relationship.

The Importance of Boundaries

When in a polyamorous relationship, it’s important to understand your boundaries and limits in relation to your interactions and relationships with your partner’s partners. Some people are open to knowing about and even knowing personally who their partner’s other partners are. Other people prefer a don’t ask don’t tell policy, and would rather not know the other people in their partner’s life. Understanding your boundaries in this way is important before getting involved in a polyamorous relationship and as you navigate polyamory.