As with any hobby, sport or activity, gambling has its own collection of jargon and slang that players love to casually throw into conversation; whether it’s related to gameplay, behaviour or different scenarios. One environment where you’ll find these phrases are most commonly used is on a casino floor.

Lifelong casino players love nothing more than using the latest phrases and terms when discussing tactics with other gambling experts. For beginners, this new jargon could almost seem alien; especially during gameplay, for you might not fully understand another player’s strategy. However, having knowledge on the array of gambling terminology will help you communicate with other gamblers at their level; meaning you’ll actually be able to understand what they’re talking about. It’s definitely worth conducting research beforehand if you’re not clued up on the casino lingo.

For example, someone who is an avid craps fan could find it advantageous to know that “little Joe” is used to describe a pair of twos or a hard four; otherwise, you could be left unaware of the numbers a player has rolled, or confused if the dealer uses the phrase.

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