Sometimes, some unforeseen events may force us to revisit and restructure our budgets. One of the first things that many cancel when they are forced with a decision to restructure their budget is a gym membership. Cancelling gym membership, however, should not mean that you have to stop working out. There are other ways to you can stay in shape even without going to the gym chief among them being home workouts. Below, we are going to share with you some of the most effective home workouts which substitute for gym workouts.

While many may entertain the idea of replacing gym workouts with home workouts, there are also others who just cannot do without gym workouts. If you are one such person, you can check out the best online casinos and play some profitable games to earn that extra cash for a gym membership.

Hula Hoop for Cable Machine Crunches

You can replace cable machine crunches with hula hoop crunches. If you already have the technical know-how of how to use the cable machine it will not be that difficult to start using the hula hoop. Simply pull your hula hoop while standing still and start to do walking and then lunging movements. If you are fortunate enough to have some weights of your own at home, you can also carry out this exercise with weights for more resistance. Cable machine crunches or in this instance hula hoop crunches are perfect for toning one’s thighs, bums, arms and stomach.

Push-ups for Dumbbell Chest Presses

To strengthen the arm muscles in the gym, you have to do machine chest or dumbbell chest presses. However, if you can no longer go to the gym, you can always replace this exercise with push-ups of varying inclines. Simply lean against benches, railings, furniture, walls or anything else that’s suitable and start doing your push-ups. With your hands on top of the bench you can do incline push-ups and with your hands, on the floor and legs of the bench, you can do decline push-ups.

Fast and Light Outdoor Runs for the Treadmill

The best way to substitute treadmill runs is to do fast and light outdoor runs. Modern treadmills do come with a whole host of features which help you to track your heartbeat, distance and other stats. You can also use a fitness app to substitute for these added functionalities of a treadmill. Just remember to get the right balance between the fast runs and the light runs as more of one can lead to unsatisfactory results.

Any weighted home tool for medicine ball

Medicine balls are great for plank, diagonal, crunches and twists. However, if you are not at the gym, you can substitute them for any weighted home tool. The perfect tool to use as medicine balls at home is an empty container filled with liquid. However, if you cannot get hold of such containers, there are also other tools that you can use such as your bag, soup cans or even your books!