Starting a business can be an exciting and nerve-wracking time, and if you have a friend or family member who is just getting started with their own venture, they will need your support along the way. Read on for some ideas and tips on how you can be helpful and supportive and encourage them to thrive.

Be a sounding board

Starting a business on your own can often be quite a lonely endeavor, especially in the early days. It often demands long hours of effort, trying to make sense of what to do and navigating a variety of different tasks alone.

A lovely way to support a friend during this period is by offering to be a sounding board and listening to their experiences and fears that they may be going through. Even if you do not have any solutions to offer, your support will mean a lot and can help them to feel more encouraged and positive about the steps ahead of them. Plus, you get to see the nitty gritty facts behind the often-romanticized side of being an entrepreneur and develop a lot more patience and understanding for your friend.

Give a practical starter gift

A small gift at the beginning of the business journey can be a lovely way to show your support and be a sign of encouragement. Choosing something meaningful and practical can help them to get on their path as a business owner, and there are many different ideas that you can pick from to find a gift.

As starting a business can usually involve writing a lot of copy for websites, promotional content and marketing, gifts for writers can be a great starting point. You may also want to give small practical items, such as useful ways to organize their workspace, or even an inspiring print or artwork to help them stay motivated. You can often find many quotes from successful coaches and entrepreneurs that can be a great way to encourage your friend and help them feel energized and supported during challenges.

Support their social media

Social media is one of the best tools for a new business when trying to make an impact, but it can also be a busy and competitive world out there. Your friend may reach out to their network to help share and raise the profile of their new social media pages, and this can be an easy way to show your support.

Even if you are not directly interested in their product or services, sharing their posts to your own friends and family can help boost their profile and make more people aware of what your friend is doing. You can also help to support them by liking their posts, making supportive comments, and engaging with their material. By doing this, you can help increase their presence practically, but also show that you care about what they are doing, and that you are happy to see them succeed in their goals.