Not everyone is blessed with the “gift of the gab”. Some of us are socially awkward, let our shyness get the better of us, and find it incredibly uncomfortable to be near a woman… let alone talk to one. If you feel like starting a conversation with a woman is a step too far, then this article is for you. We got you buddy; we can talk you through this.

What Do Women Want?

We like to think we know a little about what women actually want. They don’t want all these grand romantic gestures that we see in films from the fifties – and they don’t want to be treated like they seem to in 50 Shades of Grey. Well, some of them do but that’s a different story.

What women actually want is to be listened to. Not just listened to, but remembered. A woman will stare at you in literal shock if you remember something, she told you about her family last time you saw her. She is not used to having this level of attention on her. There’s nothing creepy about it. Mystery solved. That’s what your average woman wants.

So how do you start a conversation with one? Ho do you get to a point where you are privy to the information you need to remember to get her attention? You’ve probably been told a hundred times that you “just say hi!” but that is the best method. That being said, we know that it’s about more than what you say. It’s about how saying “hi” makes you feel… deep down terrified. Are we right?

Starting Conversations with Women

  1. What is the absolute worst thing that could happen to you if you say hi to a woman? She might hurry on past and ignore you. More likely she will smile and nod out of politeness, if nothing else. In your anxiety ridden mind you are making this problem into something huge. You worry she will roll her eyes, scream, run away, or flat-out ignore you.

She won’t scream unless you grab her. Don’t grab her. She won’t roll her eyes unless you do something creepy (like wink or rub your thighs suggestively). She won’t run away – and if she does, it’s because her anxiety level is the same as yours – and she won’t make fun of you. If she is with her friends and they walk away giggling – that’s not a bad thing either. You got her attention; her friend is probably going to ask her about you later… that’s a win.

The only way saying hi to a woman is going to get you in trouble is if her ten-foot boyfriend is hiding nearby. This is the age of equality though and there are a few things you should definitely not do.

What Women Don’t Want

Seriously; don’t do the following:

  • Touch her without being invited to.
  • Take out her headphones, hang up her phone, or otherwise interfere in what she is doing.
  • Follow her, show up at places she does intentionally, or threaten anyone…

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