Are you planning to move cross country and are thinking about how to move your boat? Or you have just purchased a boat from another city and are looking for ways to ship your boat?  A boat is an expensive investment that can often be tricky to transport if you do not have a vehicle and trailer capable of hauling it. You will need the service of boat transportation that is designed for consumers who want safe and efficient shipping. Boat transportation is a complicated process involving expensive cargo.  Therefore consumers will want to make sure their boats are protected by finding a reputable, dependable company to ship their boat. Well, do read on for more information on how to ship your boat.


Boat transporting requires proper preparation, careful planning and attention to detail by the owner, boatyard, and transporter.  Boat transport companies do not typically prepare boats for transport, however, the good ones will offer good advice as well as look over the preparations performed before heading out on the road to ensure nothing was missed.

Choosing An Experience Boat Transporter

An experienced boat transporting company or operator will have the necessary capabilities and connections with the relevant department to ensure smooth transport and avoide costly delays. Their extensive knowledge of the interstate highway system to transporting boats nationwide will avoid unnecessary stress to you and your vessel.  It is crucial to the safety of your boat as well as the general public to choose a transporter that has the knowledge and experience on how the boat must be supported, balanced, stabilized and secured.

What Is The Cost To Transport A Boat?

It is difficult to give an accurate price due to the number of variables that can affect the quotes.  On average, a short-distance transport can cost between $150 to $300 while longer haul journeys can cost anything from $600 to $1,000.

Some of the important factors below that affect the cost of transportation include:-

Distance – The distance in which your boat needs to be transported will greatly affect the price. If the boat only needs to be transported domestically then the most likely method will be through inland transportation on a trailer, which is typically cheaper than international travel. If the boat needs to travel internationally then this can be more costly.

Size of the Boat Standard sized boats can be transported internationally using enclosed containers, while larger boats cannot. The same goes for transporting by road too.

Pickup And Delivery Locations – The ease of accessibility to the pickup and delivery locations can affect pricing as well. A boat being picked up from a remote area may also incur extra costs because of the extra miles required to pick it up.

Timing – Seasons is another thing that can affect pricing. The wintry condition can affect road conditions which can alter the routes available for transportation.

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