A lot of us have spent the bulk of the past year stuck inside our homes, with only the occasional walk or excursion to get a change of scene. With gyms, pools, and fitness classes closed, it became easy to fall into a pattern of less activity, and you might be feeling the impact of that on your health now.

Luckily, as more places reopen and life begins to return to a more regular routine, we can start to enjoy the kind of activities we did in the past. If you’re struggling to motivate yourself to get back out, though, read on for some tips to help you.

Set a target

The idea of getting fit and healthy sounds great, of course, but sometimes it can feel like an impossible challenge. After all, there is never any way of knowing if you’ve reached the end of the process, and that can lead to a lifetime of feeling unhappy and dissatisfied with your body and appearance.

A good way to motivate yourself and encourage yourself to get back into a healthy routine is setting a target or goal. This might be something like a major event that you want to get in shape for, a skill you want to master, or simply a frequency level you want to be able to make consistently. It’s important to make sure that you set targets in a realistic way that you can approach healthily; for example, if you intend to train for a marathon, make sure you have several months ahead to plan out a schedule.

Treat yourself to some new kit

There’s nothing quite like the feel of brand new sportswear to help you get motivated to get out, and it’s always worth looking out for Kohls coupons or similar to make sure you can save a little extra money when you’re looking for new running shoes, a gym outfit or anything else.

When you’re looking for new kit, think about what you’d like to do and make sure you select something appropriate for your activity. For example, if you’re planning to get into the habit of attending regular Pilates classes, then clothing appropriate for running or tennis might not be the most comfortable. Take time to do your research before you buy, and you’ll be able to select the right pieces for you.

Choose something you enjoy

While the old mantra of ‘no pain, no gain’, might once have held sway over fitness circles, it’s now an outdated concept for many. Instead, getting fit and active shouldn’t be about suffering at all in order to achieve something, but can be an activity that brings enjoyment and fun in itself.

Choosing a fitness activity that you actually like doing can make a huge difference to your motivation levels, as you’re much more likely to want to spend time doing it rather than having to force yourself to get out.