Source: Unsplash | Amanda Dalbjörn

When it comes to your skin care routine, it is important to use products that will help your skin type. Using the wrong products can lead to an increase in problems such as oily or dry skin. With today’s skin care routines, serums are taking center stage as a great way to uplift the skin, creating a healthy glow and fight the signs of aging. But what serum type will work best for you? Below are a few examples of skin types and serum choices, such as the best hyaluronic acid serum based on skin type.

Dry Skin

If you have dry skin, the best solution via serum is one that contains hyaluronic acid. This type of serum absorbs moisture and provides a plumping effect. Hyaluronic acid is a structural component of the skin so adding the component back in, you skin will react in a natural way.

The serum adds a ton of hydration and is moisturizing, so individuals with dry skin can certainly benefit. Use the serum in the morning when you wake and right before bed on a daily basis to achieve the maximum results.

All Skin Types

If you are looking for a skin care serum that works with all skin types, consider 100 squalane oil. This option works well for oily skin, sensitive skin, dry and acne prone skin. The squalane oil works on all skin types to provide a moisturizer. Skin will feel soft, supple and hydrated with regular use.

Squalane actually occurs in the human sebum so when you use this oil, it reacts naturally to the face. Over time, you begin to see quality results, with your skin staying hydrated and healthy.

Breakouts and Damage

Today’s environment is filled with pollutants. Surprisingly to many, the pollutants in the air can affect your skin, causing breakouts as well as overall damage. If you live in a highly polluted area and notice that your skin is breaking out or you have damage, a Vitamin c and e serum is effective.

The vitamin c in the serum will help to minimize damage from the sun while other antioxidants in the serum will protect from pollution. The serum also provides an even skin tone, which helps you to be able to enjoy a natural, healthy appearance. With anti-aging properties, this serum choice is also good for individuals who need help with fine lines and wrinkles.

Applying Serums

When you apply a serum, it only takes a small amount of the product to do the job. Just two to three drops of the serum can be applied to the face in the morning and at night. Experts recommend that you wash your face and dry it before applying the serum. This will help your face to be fresh and ready to enjoy the benefit of the product.

Serums can easily be added to your beauty routine and over time, you will begin to see dramatic results with your skin. Always use a serum that matches your skin type to ensure your skin will be healthy and look its very best.