HR managers are often seen with pretty bad eyes by their employees. This is due to the reality that many such managers are not really good at their job and they are not at all efficient. Increasing the efficiency of the HR manager is really important for company growth. Boris Blanche, an experienced manager, gives tips on how to increase HR manager efficiency in a short time and with great results.

Vision Is Important

The HR manager has to fully understand the vision of the organization and even challenge CEOs when things are not clear. The HR department has to work in an aligned way so that corporate vision is properly supported. HR managers should draft visions, share them with line managers, check in on them, communicate and be clear about the vision of human resources in order to reach future success.


It is a huge mistake to think goals are the same thing as objectives. You want to be sure that you are really clear on the objectives of the organization. These have to be put in measurable objectives, milestones and with extreme clarity, according to HR vision. Managers should make all objectives tangible, deliverable based on current timeframe and concrete. After objectives are announced, the HR manager has to stick to it.


Every single successful HR manager out there needs to understand strategy. One thing many do not know is that HR departments also have strategies in place in order to deliver objectives. You have to think about how the HR department is going to be positioned within the business.

As a simple example, you have to think about how the department is going to operate with the external suppliers and specialists. What medium, long and short-term plans are necessary to add business value? What are the changes that will have to be made in order for the strategy to be delivered? The HR manager has to answer such questions, share plans and strategies with business management and then work with team members in order to create plans that will actually work.


Human resources are all about attracting, developing and acquiring the right people. The HR manager has to assess the quality of the people already employed and then compare capabilities to those capabilities that may be necessary for future growth. Professionals should compare current competency framework with desired competency frameworks. All this should be done with a focus put on the future.

Think about the resources that are available at the moment for the organization. Are they enough to lead the team towards goals? If not, new resources are going to be needed.


The bottom line is that modern HR managers have to be efficient. You want to be sure that you do all that you can in order to increase your efficiency or you are not going to do great work. Patience is necessary for assessing the true condition of the business and vision will be needed to reach future growth. All revolves around the resources used and the strategy that is put in place.