If you’ve ever tried to dip your feet in the water of recruiting logistics, you might be wondering if you’re doing something wrong. You’re not alone. Many leaders across industries are finding it more & more difficult to find quality talent. The reason? The pool of talent that is actually educated, motivated, and skillful is getting smaller and smaller. When you go into this endeavour, you are unknowingly entering a fierce battle for a tiny amount of qualified personnel. 

So what is there to do when you can’t seem to find what you’re looking for?  

Recruiting Solutions for Logistics 

If you’re an on-the-go business with a million things to worry about besides finding logistics talent, it’s time you look into contracting a recruiting agency. There are dozens of organizations whose only purpose is to look for, filter, and hire candidates in the recruiting industry.  CulverCareers offers logistics recruitment solutions. Organizations like these are fantastic because they are pre packed with databases full of information that you might spend hours searching for. They have info like lists of available candidates, what skills they have, how educated they are, what they’re available for, and more. This helps you save time, energy, and brain power without sacrificing the quality of your job candidates. What’s really neat about companies like these, is their ability to filter candidates. If you are only looking for a part timer, they can filter it. If you only want someone with specific skills or a specific professional background, they’ve got you covered. Even better, some agencies offer a “warranty” on the employees you hire from them. If you decide the employee isn’t good within a certain time frame, they’ll look for a replacement for free.

Doing it without an agency

Back before the days of easy breezy agency hiring for logistics talent, companies relied on their employees’ professional network to find someone in logistics. Some choose to do this now, despite it’s difficulty. If you already have a group of great professionals, they probably know another professional in logistics that could help you out. This is cheap and simple but risky. How can you be assured that your employees will have a great match? If you do in fact have great employees, you may be in business, and people are usually most satisfied with companies that hire via referral, so it is a possibility.

Figuring out how to hire 

Hiring is hard, and every company does things a little differently. The thing is, at the end of the day, no one can understand your ideal candidate like you. That’s why you need a great selection of possible new employees to choose from. It’s always reassuring to know that an agency is hard at work giving you only the top talent in the logistics field for a competitive salary. But getting the process straight is something that really comes from within. It will take a lot of thinking, a lot of painful trial and error, and eventually, a great candidate that’s perfect for the position. Good luck!