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The fictional Michael Scott of the television show The Office may have been a bit naive much of the time, but as a manager of the paper company in Scranton, Pennsylvania, he ran the office efficiently in his own way. There was a method to his madness and he was able to operate the business successfully up until he left the company to go start a family with his fiance Holly. Whether you are a manager of a business, a school, or the local grocery store, there are tricks to being the best manager that you can be.

Know Everyone’s Name

This doesn’t seem so hard, right? However, it would shock you to know there are many managers that constantly call employees by the wrong names. It is understandable if you are running a company of 50 or more employees and you aren’t around all of them every day. However, if you are in charge of a much smaller business and you still refer to people as “buddy” or “pal” then you aren’t doing your job. You will receive much more respect if you make an effort to get to know your employees’ names and their lives as well.

Put Yourself in Their Shoes

Everybody makes a mistake at some point on the job. In fact, you yourself have probably screwed up recently at work. As a boss, you have to be able to sympathize with the people working underneath you. If your employee makes a mistake and they realize it, there really isn’t a need to come down hard on the person. They already feel bad enough.

On the Other Hand…

There are times as the manager where you will have to bring down the hammer on someone. Swing that hammer like you are Thor himself. If an employee is belligerent or is constantly making mistake after mistake without care, you might have to let them go. It is not easy to do and it will not make you feel good inside, but that is why you are paid the big bucks.

Inversely, if you’re satisfied with your employees, pamper them! Agreat cost effective way it to throw a team building event (a nerf gun trowdown is a great example)

Use Technology to Your Advantage

Wouldn’t you rather be able to delegate tasks to your employees without having to speak to them in person? You can certainly reduce management time thanks to IT cloud solutions. You will be able to communicate with your people anytime and anywhere. This style of management is much more efficient across the board.

You can also invest in training for your employees that will ensure you have the best team working for you. A manager is only as strong as their employees. Zoe Training offers corporate trainings and workshops to bring your team to the next level together.