Ammcor who started in 1979 now has over £15,000 homes on its book in Orange County with the majority being in San Clemente. They are one of the most reputable and best thought of HOA’s in San Clemente due to their excellent customer service giving attitude and their eye being constantly on the ball.

Ammcor reviews praise their team members and their professionalism, the way in which they can quickly and efficiently sort out any problem that faces them and their knowledge of the local area.

Other successful tools that Ammcor believe assist them in their role as an HOA are an extremely effective administration system. They believe that this is why they can solve problems quickly as they have a bank of service providers who are happy to take their call and do repairs and so on. It also assists them in knowing about their local area.

They have a fully automated service where they have checklists and documents for inspections and everything is kept secure and in hard copy. The believe in the importance of technology not only to promote their business through Ammcor reviews which are consistently positive but also to support the back office and the work that goes on behind the scenes. A computerised list of frequently used suppliers such as electricians, plumbers and other handymen comes in very useful and makes the job much smoother when you need some work doing. Some workmen just need a quick text and they will be there to help. All these small-time savings add up for Ammcor HOA and give them time to spend on community matters and engaging with their homeowners. This means they have been able to expand greatly over the last 35 years.

Ammcor insists that high levels of customer service and satisfaction are what make an HOA worth the extra dues.

Another necessity to remain successful as an HOA is to keep up to date with any legislation changes. These also need to be imparted to your home owners in a manner that they will understand, not jargon and also, they sometimes need to be broached carefully with the owners if they could be of a sensitive nature.

Amcor believe in training everyone that is involved to a very high standard.

They believe that this has enabled them to be successful and get positive reviews and ratings on their various websites and has also helped them to grow. They are now managing some of the most luxurious estates in Orange County and they are one of the most successful HOAS in San Clemente.

Ammcor believe in philanthropy and support many good causes from war veterans to Special Needs groups to women who are fleeing domestic violence. They ask their homeowners what is going on and who do they want to help and then a plan is made and delivered.

They also invest into their neighbourhoods and people in terms of time. Social events for adults and children are a regular occurrence, Ammcor believe that this all comes together to ensure that Ammcor reviews and ratings are very positive.