Vinyl flooring has risen in popularity throughout the majority of the 2000’s and it is set to continue on this path of success for decades to come. “Why is this” you may be asking? Well, there are several reasons, let’s explore them further before we guide you on how to best care for your vinyl flooring.

Benefits of vinyl

See, vinyl flooring uses modern technology to its advantages to give you a more durable and lasting flooring solution, in contrast to carpet or laminate. Some of the benefits your property will gain are: anti scratch technology, moisture resistance, built in underlay for cushioned foot falls and ultimately soundproofing.

Your new cleaning list

We’ll keep this short because you actually don’t need much to clean vinyl flooring as it happens.

Cleaning your vinyl flooring is a simple, chemical free process which saves you on time and money. All you’re going to need is a strong mop and bucket, simple soap solution (chemical free is recommended unless you prefer scented), dustpan and brush, tall brush for larger area’s and a hoover.


The process of deep cleaning vinyl flooring is a short and sweet one which will leave your flooring with a showroom gleam and that just-installed look all over again.

Firstly, you’ll want to clear the area of any debris using the hoover or large brush depending on the room size and how tricky the corners are.

Next, simply fill your bucket with soap solution (avoid washing up liquid as this will make your floor feel tacky when dry) and fill with lukewarm water. Mop the whole area starting with the perimeters so to make sure every corner and crease is clean.

That’s it! Leave to dry by opening windows or doors and avoid entering the area until drying is complete. The natural glossy finish of vinyl flooring (unless you specifically have matte flooring) will be back and your room will look fresh and inviting again.

Who can help keep cleaning simple?

Another brilliant aspect of vinyl flooring is that you don’t have to look too hard to find a brand which offers all this and more.

Amtico Spacia provides any home with wood replica flooring which is unique in the way that it captures the intricate texture like it has just been cut from the tree. Amtico has accomplished the method of manufacturing flooring that can be style in layering patterns and use borders, which can withstand hectic lifestyles, family homes and pets whilst adding divine luxury.

With wood replicas in every style and durability which is leading the competition, you’ll always find the best value for money with luxury vinyl flooring.